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Communication's Igoe speaks to WBEN about Grand Island school's free speech debate

Wednesday March 19, 2014Michael Barone

Communication's Mike Igoe was a recent guest on WBEN's "Hardline" in Buffalo. Dr. Igoe, a former journalist and an attorney, was invited to speak about the free speech debate within the Grand Island (N.Y.) School District, where a student was suspended after refusing to remove a t-shirt which displayed the logo of the National Rifle Association.

David Kinkela co-edits CELJ award-winning issue

Wednesday January 22, 2014Lisa Eikenburg

David Kinkela, associate professor of History, served as co-editor of, “Water: History, Power, Crisis,” a special issue of Radical History Review, which was recently named the co-winner of the Council of Editors Learned Journal’s Best Special Issue Award for 2013.

Dr. Sherri Mason interviewed by <em>New York Times</em> and NPR for Great Lakes plastic pollution research

Tuesday December 17, 2013Christine Davis Mantai

Biochemistry/Environmental Sciences Professor Sherri Mason continues to gain wonderful national attention for her Great Lakes Plastic Pollution Research, specifically due to the high concentration of microplastics she and her collaborators have found in lakes Erie and Ontario, due, primarily to exfoliates found in soaps and other cleansing/beauty products. She was featured in a NY Times article over the weekend and on NPR's All Things Considered on Monday afternoon.

Students assemble Beowulf computer cluster; create high-performance system

Monday December 16, 2013Christine Davis Mantai

Computer Science majors Nicholas Freville and Adam Toth have assembled a Beowulf cluster, comprised of three tiny computers called Raspberry Pi’s, that work in tandem to solve complex problems. A Beowulf cluster is a parallel computing system achieved by linking normally identical, commodity-grade computers into a small local area network (LAN). The result gives a huge boost of power despite using inexpensive, personal computer hardware.

Amber Powell presents thesis results at NCTM regional conference

Monday December 2, 2013Christine Davis Mantai

In her presentation, titled "Student Misconceptions about Solving Multi-step Linear Equations," Powell reported the findings of her study in which students completed a 15-problem test of different types of linear equations appropriate for eighth-grade students according to state and national standards. Use of calculators was not permitted. The results indicated that problems containing negative numbers and terms moved to the opposite side of the equal sign were most likely to be incorrect.

Science and Technology talk concludes Brown Bag series Wednesday

Monday December 2, 2013Christine Davis Mantai

The Fall 2013 Liberal Arts and Sciences Brown Bag Lecture Series concludes on Wednesday, Dec. 4, with “Science and Technology,” a program which will examine the role of technology in areas of scientific research and some of the impacts of this technology on society. The presentation, moderated by Dr. Michael Jabot, professor of Curriculum and Instruction, will be held at noon in the Williams Center Room G103.

History Professor John Arnold author of new book

Wednesday October 30, 2013Lisa Eikenburg

John Arnold’s new book, "The Footprints of Michael the Archangel, the Formation and Diffusion of a Saintly Cult,” explores the formation and diffusion of the cults from about 300 to 800 A.D., isolating its development within the orthodox traditions of the Greek speaking East, and then following its development within Latin Catholicism.