Meal Planning

Some tips on how to plan your meals

  1. Start thinking about your meal plans a couple days in advance so that you have time to fully process what you may want to eat for the week.
  2. Once you have your meal ideas, find your recipes. Starting a cookbook of your favorite recipes will help your meal planning process.
  3. Choose meals that will give you left overs! This is a great source of a second meal! Most left overs are good for a couple days, so don’t be worried about not having enough of a variety.
  4. Make a master grocery list. This should include every single ingredient you may need. Once you're finished, go through your kitchen and cross out everything you already have.
  5. Consider leaving some of the pantry items on your shopping list if they are running low in your pantry.
  6. Make your final grocery list. Group items together based on where they are located in the store, and leave the frozen and refrigerated items for last.
  7. Your final grocery list should include any other non food items that you plan on buying at the store. 8. Buying items in bulk is usually cheaper, and helps save more money in the end.



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