Marion Art Gallery

Cathy and Jesse Marion Art Gallery

The Cathy and Jesse Marion Art Gallery in the Michael C. Rockefeller Arts Center is an educational and cultural institution dedicated to exhibiting and interpreting modern and contemporary art. Gallery programs embrace Fredonia’s mission to enrich audiences through scholarship, artistic expression, and community engagement.

The Marion Art Gallery features group and solo exhibitions of contemporary art by regionally to internationally renowned artists. Catalogs accompany major exhibitions. Programming includes gallery talks, lectures, workshops, and seminars by artists and scholars. The Marion Art Gallery also educates and inspires students through invaluable experiential opportunities, an art student showcase, and three annual senior thesis exhibitions.

2021/2022 Marion Art Gallery Advisory Committee

SUNY Fredonia
Angeline Ginsberg, Senior, Art Major
Dave Kinkela, Interim Associate Dean and Associate Professor, History
Joe McFall, Associate Professor, Psychology
Alberto Rey, Professor, Visual Arts and New Media
Michael Sheehan, Assistant Professor, English
Megan Urban, Associate Professor, Visual Arts and New Media

Community Members
Michael Barris, Assistant Professor of Optometry (retired) and art connoisseur
Sara Michalak, artist
Mackenzie Sheldon, art teacher Fredonia Middle School and alumna

Marion Art Gallery Staff
Barbara Racker, Director
Hyla Stellhorn, Exhibition Coordinator

Gallery Hours

Tuesday through Thursday: noon to 4 pm
Friday and Saturday: noon to 6 pm
Sunday: noon to 4 pm
Closed Mondays and major holidays


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