Maytum Hall administration building on the Fredonia campus.

Policies and Procedures

Employees of Fredonia are responsible for knowing and understanding the specifics of the Policies and Procedures listed on this and other web pages throughout the University’s website. Employees are required to review the Policies and Procedures noted on the HR website as well as those contained at:

  • Finance and Administration Division
  • Information Security
  • Internal Control
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Further, University employees need ensure they perform their official State duties in full compliance with the terms and conditions contained in said Policies and Procedures.

Finally, employees are encouraged to contact the Director of Human Resources with any questions pertaining to the referenced Policies or Procedures.

Many of the following policies are in Microsoft Word and PDF (portable document format) and can be downloaded and printed for your convenience.
Download free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view policies in PDF.

Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

Recruitment and Selection Procedures & Guidelines

Additional Fredonia Resources

Note: The HR department is currently developing a formal Policy and Procedure Manual. When completed, it will be posted.

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