COVID-19 Employee Information

In an effort to help answer common questions we receive regarding COVID-19, we’ve drafted some frequently asked questions for employees below.  Please continue to monitor our website and your campus email for future updates.


If you are ill/symptomatic, or become ill/symptomatic at work, you should remain off campus or immediately leave work until you are able to confirm your symptoms are not Covid-19 through appropriate testing.

If you test negative, you may return, unless you receive quarantine orders.  

If you test positive, you must remain home and follow current guidelines for quarantine and isolation from the local Department of Health. Currently, the guidelines state that you must quarantine at home through at least day 5 (the day you become symptomatic or test positive is day 0). If your symptoms are improving (even if not fully resolved), and you have been fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication, you may return to work in a well-fitting, medical quality mask through day 10. These guidelines are subject to change and discussion with HR after a positive test is encouraged to ensure you are receiving the most up-to-date guidance. 

Staff who test positive for COVID should contact their supervisors to determine if working remotely is appropriate. Faculty who test positive for COVID should contact HR for notification, and also contact their chair or dean to determine if classes need coverage, will be cancelled, or could be taught remotely for the duration of the faculty members' isolation.

Please promptly email if you receive a positive Covid test result. In that message, please include the date of the Covid test, whether you have symptoms, and other pertinent information. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss. Please do not come to campus until you receive your return date from HR. 

Once we confirm you are awaiting test results or should quarantine and for how long, Human Resources will advise that you and your manager discuss whether you plan to take leave time, or if you are able to work remotely while you are quarantined. 

A manager and employee can follow their department or division procedures for making “one-off” telecommuting arrangements during a period of quarantine if the employee has a job that they can perform remotely and feels well enough to do so. 

Please have the employee call or email Human Resources if you have illness/COVID-related questions and are unsure what to do.

If you have symptoms, have been quarantined for exposure & vaccination status, or otherwise believe you may have COVID and need a COVID test, you may not come to the surveillance pool testing on campus.

If you are fully vaccinated and boosted, and do not have symptoms, you may come to campus and work in person.

Please review current guidelines.  You may required to mask for a certain period of time after exposure. Different vaccination statuses may result in differing quarantine requirements.

In all of these scenarios, you should self-monitor for symptoms, and test as current guidelines suggest for a period of time after exposure. Testing too early after exposure may result in a false negative. 


If you receive a positive COVID test while at work, you should leave work immediately.  Once you are off campus you should call HR at 716-673-3434 or email Human Resources to report your positive test result and to discuss leave options.

If you receive a positive COVID test while off campus, you should remain off campus and contact HR at 716-673-3434 or at to report your positive test and to discuss leave options.

You are obligated to disclose that you have been directed off campus for quarantine leave. 

You should verify the guidance from your local Department of Health regarding any obligation you may have regarding contact tracing. Some health departments, due to volume/delays, are asking individuals to notify their close contacts.

You should follow the guidelines from your local Department of Health regarding contact tracing. You may need to check their website for the most timely information.

EHS&S will communicate with current employees about pool testing requirements and any changes that will be implemented.

Currently, if employees submit proof of a completed COVID-19 vaccination series, they will be exempt from pool testing.

Vaccine information can be submitted to

You will need to talk to your physician or the Department of Health for further information on this scenario.

If you are positive we will need a copy of your isolation orders (or attestation form from the Department of Health website)

If you are quarantined for exposure a copy of your quarantine orders (or attestation form from the Department of Health website)

Due to delays from high volumes of cases, you may not receive quarantine/isolation orders timely, if at all, in certain counties of residence. If this applies to you, you should consult the website of the Department of Health for the County in which you reside for further guidance. Most Counties have self-attestation forms to provide with your test results in lieu of County-issued quarantine orders.

There may be leave options for either precautionary (awaiting test or exposure) or mandatory (isolation/infection) available to you for these scenarios. Each has its own requirements and program limitations. You should contact HR to discuss if you are experiencing any of these scenarios.

You should contact Human Resources first with all COVID related questions.

This page will be dated to note the last date of update, and employees should continue to review information from all resources, including this webpage and their Fredonia email, for the latest updates. 

Last website update: August 23, 2022