Pass/Fail Policy for Spring 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and taking into consideration the complications associated with the conversion of the Spring 2020 semester to distance education, Fredonia’s Office of the Provost has provided an expanded and modified Pass/Fail option for the Spring 2020 semester.  This policy applies to course-work completed and graded for the Spring 2020 semester and must be requested by the student by May 31, 2020.

The Provost’s memo of introduction as well as the policy in its entirety including an extension of the course withdrawal deadline and a pause of academic dismissals can be found here.

The following FAQ’s will hopefully assist students and answer questions associated with the policy as well as empower them with information to make an educated decision about applying this option to their Spring 2020 academic record.

All students may elect this option for any of their courses that have been completed and graded with a traditional letter grade.

A student may elect to apply this option to none, any or all their courses that have been graded with a passing traditional letter grade (A through D-) for the Spring 2020 semester.

No.  As feature of the "no-harm" nature of this policy, the F grade will not count in the calculation of the semester or overall GPA (Spring 2020 semester only) for any student.

 If you elect the pass/fail option a grade of P+ will replace an earned grade of C-or higher and will not be factored into your semester or overall GPA.  A grade of P- will replace an earned grade of D-, D or D+ and will not be factored into your semester or overall GPA. Both the P+ and P- grades will earn credit and meet degree requirements.

The P+ grade will be seen as equivalent to a C-.  Any courses that requires a pre-requisite with a minimum grade of C-, the P+ grade will meet that requirement.

The P- grade will be seen as equivalent to a D-.  Any course that requires a pre-requisite with a minimum grade of D-, the P- and P+ grades will meet that requirement.

The P+ and P- grades are not considered traditional grades.  The requirements for the Dean’s List remain unchanged and will require a minimum of 12 credits of traditional graded coursework.

Fredonia’s repeat policy includes the most recent completion of a course into the GPA and total credit hour calculations.  While the Spring 2020 P+ or P- grade will not impact your GPA, the credits will be included in your totals.  The prior grade will still be excluded from your GPA and total credit hour calculations. This may result in a positive or negative impact on your overall GPA depending on the grade previously received.

Uncertain. While your financial aid will not be impacted for the Spring 2020 semester due to a Pass grade, it may influence your future semesters.  Each student’s situation is unique when it comes to the financial aid package and needs. While the Financial Aid Office will not be able to give you a definitive answer as to how a Pass grade may impact your eligibility, you are welcome to consult with them regarding any specific concerns.

The transferability of a course is always up to the transfer institution.  While we cannot guarantee the transferability of a course if you elect the Pass/Fail option, many institutions are reviewing their transfer policies for Pass/Fail grades associated with the Spring 2020 semester.

This is uncertain for many areas.  Every institution and program can have unique sets of rules associated with earned grades.  The election of pass/fail may result in the need to repeat the course for a letter grade before it can be accepted for another program.

The impact of the pass/fail option will vary from discipline to discipline.  You should consult with your academic department or advisor if you are concerned about the implications of a “Pass” grade on your academic record.

Beginning May 11, you may elect the pass/fail option for any eligible course via Your Connection.  The election of the option will be available to add or change through May 31, 2020.

June 1 UPDATE: Students who did not request to participate in the Pass/Fail option by the May 31 deadline and have a compelling reason for not doing so, may apply for an appeal using the following form.  All requests for an appeal must be received by June 5 at 4pm.  No requests for Pass/Fail will be entertained beyond June 5. 

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