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Academic Forgiveness Options / Cross Registration / Grade Appeal /  Graduate Independent Study Contract / Graduate Course Repeat Petion / Graduate Program Change Application / Graduate Transfer Credit Approval / Incomplete Grade Application / In Progress Grade Application / Permission to Take a Graduate Course While an Undergrad Course / Permission to Take an Undergraduate Course for Graduate Credit / SUNY Reverse Transfer Program / Transfer Credit / Transfer Credit Appeal /  Waiver Forms

Academic Forgiveness Options: 

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Cross Registration: 

SUNY Cross Registration Resources
Fredonia’s procedures for executing the SUNY Wide Cross Registration Policy are as follows.

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Grade Appeal:

This form is to be completed when appealing a final grade.

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Graduate Independent Study Contract

This contract must be completed, signed and submitted to your program advisor.

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Graduate Course Repeat Petition

Graduate students may retake up to two courses during a single degree program in order to improve the final course grade(s).  Please refer to the University Catalog for additional information regarding the Graduate Course Repeat Policy.

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Graduate Program Change Application

Complete a program change application when you wish to apply for admittance to a different degree program (similar to the undergraduate change of major).  Please note that you may have to submit additional department requirements.

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Graduate Transfer Credit Approval

A maximum of 9 credits can be acquired from other universities and applied to a graduate level degree.

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Incomplete Grade Application:

This application must be completed  and submitted by the instructor before final grades are due for a given semester.

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In Progress Grade Application: (graduate students only)

This application is only for students who have not completed their graduate capstone experience in the allotted time.  It should be completed by the student and faculty before final grades are due for a given semester.

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Permission to Take a Graduate Course While an Undergrad:

Undergraduates who have completed 90 credit hours and whose grade point average is 3.0 or better may be allowed to enroll in suitable graduate courses numbered 500-599. Students must request approval of the department offering the course and their major department chairperson.

Students may use such graduate courses either to meet undergraduate degree requirements or to meet degree requirements in a Fredonia graduate program they enter at a later time. Except for specific courses prescribed in an approved multi-award program, no course may be used for both purposes by the same person. In no case will an undergraduate be allowed to enroll in a course numbered 600 or above.

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Permission to Take an Undergraduate Course for Graduate Credit

Graduate courses at Fredonia are numbered 500-599 and 600-699. Under exceptional circumstances, a maximum of 6 credit hours of advanced undergraduate-level courses (300-499) may be allowed. Permission is required prior to the student's enrollment in the course.   Undergraduate courses previously taken in the major area of specialization will not receive graduate credit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               nn

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SUNY Reverse Transfer Program:

The Reverse Transfer program is for students who have previously attended a SUNY community college, and transferred before earning an Associate degree. If you have met the degree requirements for that Associate degree now, through a combination of credit from the community college(s) you previously attended and Fredonia, then you could be eligible to earn your Associate degree.

To receive your Associate degree, your prior community college would need to review your credits earned from there as well as the credits earned from Fredonia and any other previous institutions. Once an initial degree evaluation has been completed, the community college would then inform you of what additional steps are needed in order to be awarded the Associate degree.

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity to receive your Associate degree, please submit a reverse transfer request at: If you have any questions or concerns, please contact  Once you have submitted your request, you will be able to track the progress of your request by logging into You will be notified by the community college once your request has been reviewed and a decision has been made.

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Transfer Credit For Currently or Previously Enrolled Students:

All currently enrolled students must complete a transfer credit approval form prior to taking courses at another institution.  Use the Transfer Credit Equivalency webpage to determine the course equivalency.  If the course is NOT listed on the page, attach a copy of the course description to the form for review. 

Obtain the signature of your department chairperson and General Education Coordinator if applicable, and return the completed form to the Registrar's Office.

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Transfer Credit Appeal:

This process is for students who transferred in credit from a SUNY institution and do not agree with Fredonia’s decision regarding acceptance or placement of credit.

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Waiver/Substitution Forms:

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