UUP Paid Family Leave

As of January 1, 2019 SUNY Management Confidential and UUP- represented employees are eligible for NYS Paid Family Leave (PFL).

The purpose of PFL is to help employees with work-life balance by providing a paid leave alternative to charging paid leave accruals for leaves of absence to attend to family* needs associated with:

  • the birth or placement of a biological, adopted, or foster child (first 12 months)
  • a family member's serious health condition (physical or psychological care)
  • a call to active duty in the U.S. armed forces (qualifying exigency)

* Please contact Human Resources for the definition of "family" under PFL.

PFL Benefit

PFL for 2023: up to 12 weeks of leave in any 52-week period, paid at 67% of the employee's average weekly wage, not to exceed 67% of the New York State Average Weekly Wage (NYSAWW). For 2023, the SAWW is $ $1,688.19, so the maximum weekly PFL benefit someone may receive is $1,131.08. 

For 2023, the payroll contribution is 0.455% of an employee's wages each pay period, not to exceed an annual maximum employee contribution of $399.43.

While on PFL, employment is protected; health insurance is also protected, provided premiums continue to be paid. Once health insurance premiums stop being paid for through biweekly payroll deductions, the NYS Dept. of Civil Service Employee Benefits Division will bill enrollees directly via U.S. Mail, so employees should be sure that their current mailing address is on file. As PFL is a leave without pay, retirement contributions and service credit are not applicable while on PFL.

Additional Information About Paid Family Leave

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Paid Family Leave Forms

Bonding PFL Packet
Care of a Family Member PFL Packet
Military Leave PFL Packet

Please contact the Assistant Director of HR at 716-673-3434 if you think you may be eligible for a leave under NYS Paid Family Leave.


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