Maytum Hall administration building on the Fredonia campus.

UUP Waiver

This program provides a 100% waiver of tuition (excluding fees) for one course each semester taken at any State-operated campus in the SUNY system (i.e. four-year SUNY schools).  Applicants must be admitted on a matriculated or non-matriculated basis.

Fredonia UUP Tuition Waiver Eligibility Requirements:

The current agreement between the State of New York and United University Professions, allows employees represented by UUP to enroll in courses at a SUNY college or university on a space-available basis without payment of tuition. The program is described below and subject to the following requirements:

  1. Available to employees represented by United University Professions.
  2. Enrollment is "space available." The University determines whether space is available. Employees may enroll in credit-bearing courses offered at State operated units of the State University of New York. Credit-free courses offered through the Office of Lifelong Learning are not applicable. Tuition paying students will receive preference. The following courses do not qualify for space available designation and cannot be exempted at 100% waiver: independent study, course by contract, special project, student teaching, courses where all slots are reserved by instructor permission, thesis.
  3. Employees may request one waiver per semester (J Term, spring semester, one summer session and fall semester) for a total of four UUP Tuition Waivers a year, provided they will be active on payroll on the day that particular course begins.
  4. All fees, other than tuition, shall be paid by the employee. Prior outstanding balances must be cleared before a UUP Tuition Waiver will be processed.
  5. Employees must meet course prerequisites and academic regulations.
  6. Employees must meet admission requirements.

Revised 09/26/14

Click here to complete and print the UUP Tuition Waiver Form


  • Employee downloads UUP Tuition Waiver Form and obtains appropriate signatures in person from the Registrars' Office and Human Resources, at which time their student, course, and employee eligibility must be verified.
    (A photocopy of signed waiver should be kept by the student)
  • Employee hand delivers signed UUP Tuition Waiver to Student Accounts and pays all fees.

Fredonia employees registering at schools other than the State University of New York at Fredonia should contact that particular college/university for their waiver form, registration dates, and UUP Tuition Waiver procedures.

A SUNY employee from a SUNY campus other than Fredonia (i.e. employee of Buffalo State, UB, etc.) wishing to use a UUP waiver for a Fredonia course, should use the Fredonia Tuition Waiver Form, but have a Human Resources representative from their employing campus provide the HR Signature.


Questions regarding the UUP Waiver process should be directed to the Benefits Office in Human Resources, 508 Maytum Hall, 716-673-3434.