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Diversity Quilt Project

Quilt researcher Laurel Horton once said, “We Americans have adopted quilts as a symbol of what we value about ourselves and our national history.” In fact, throughout history, Americans have used the art of quilting for many diverse purposes: to keep warm, to decorate their homes, to express political views, to remember a loved one and, especially, to tell stories about themselves and the cultural history of a particular place and time.

People of many cultures and time periods have used quilting to pass down their traditions and history. Creating quilts can be an ideal way to help Fredonia faculty, staff and students tell their own stories through art while working collaboratively. Each square will represent our uniqueness; the quilt pieced together will represent our beautiful whole.

Fredonia students, faculty, and staff are invited to submit a "quilt" block.  No applique or piecing is required.  The only technical skills needed are tracing a pattern and coloring it in with plain, old-fashion crayons. Furthermore, individuals with sewing experience can create and submit an 8½ inch square (finished) pieced block. For pieced block design suggestions, click here.

Complementary Supplies

  • an 8½ inch square of fabric
  • a No. 2 pencil to trace the design on fabric
  • crayons (red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple/violet, brown and black) to color the design

Bulk campus mailing:  Is available for any of the materials (fabric, pencils, and crayons).  Simply, click here, to place your order.

TimelineFebruary through March 10, 2017
In February and March, you are invited to pick-up supplies (8½ inch fabric square, crayons, pencils and traceable designs) and drop-off completed 8½ inch squares, crayons, and pencils.  Fredonia Quilt Project committee members will be available to answer questions at the pickup locations. 

Pick-up Locations: Japanese Garden, Reed Library (over by the patio) or Professional Development Center (PDC), Reed Library, Room 126 from 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM.

  •  Tuesday, February 7                                        
  •  Wednesday, February 15                                
  •  Monday, February 20                                       
  •  Thursday, February 23
  •  Tuesday, February 28

Drop-off Box Location - Professional Development Center (PDC), Reed Library, outside Room 126, Monday through Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM. You may also check the box for any needed pencils and crayons. Deadline to drop off 8½ inch block is Friday, March 10, 2017. Finally, sign your block (you can use a permanent marker or sharpie).

Website Design Suggestions: You can use 8½ inch square canvas to trace a design or draw freestyle and then color the design. Your finished design should fill only the innermost 8-inch square because quilters need a ½ seam allowance to attach the squares.  Click on the websites below to help jump start your creativity.

Coloring Castle

Flags of the World (category on "Super Coloring" website)

Countries and Culture  (also from Super Coloring website which allows you color it in online)

Quilt Tying Party:  There are many ways to "quilt".  One way is to tie the three layers (sewn blocks, batting and backing) together. (All you English traditionalist, do not contact me about this next sentence.) During the month of April, the committee is planning the most biggest, and the most funnest quilt tying party ever in the history of Fredonia State.  Time and location: TBA  

Committee Members: We have all produced our own diversity quilt block and are available to help individuals or groups start theirs, click here to request assistance.
Sandra Lewis, PDC, lewis@fredonia.edu
Liza Smith, Learning Center, Liza.Smith@fredonia.edu
Kathy Forster, Residence Life, Kathy.Forster@fredonia.edu
Naomi Baldwin, International Education, Naomi.Baldwin@fredonia.edu
Bill Boerner, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, William.Boerner@fredonia.edu