Graduate Education Literacy student, Kim Lotocki, works with children at Dunkirk School No. 3.

About Early Field Experiences

Beginning in the freshman year, pre-service teachers complete a series of three to four field-based experiences. Each field-based experience is taught in conjunction with a required education course to better establish the link between theory and practice. Having an Early Field Experience each year at Fredonia prepares the pre-service teachers to become reflective and responsive teachers.

As part of the field-based experience, the Office of Field Experiences places pre-service teachers in schools throughout Chautauqua County. The pre-service teacher spends a minimum of 4 hours per week observing and working alongside a cooperating teacher as an instructional assistant. Generally the pre-service teacher participates in the Early Field Experience for 10 weeks. The field-based courses are taught in the fall and spring semesters.

Each Early Field Experience is highly structured and well supervised by a Field Representative. Each Field Representative from the Office of Field Experiences holds New York State Certification, which allows the pre-service teacher to receive constructive feedback and support throughout the experience.


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