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Arts Administration: Helpful Advice

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  • If you are thinking of declaring a minor in arts administration at SUNY Fredonia, please make an appointment with Marc Levy, Arts Administration Advisor (Mason 1144).
  • The strength of our program is not the list of individual courses, but the emphasis we place on practical, hands-on learning through internships and practica courses. A practicum is essentially like an internship, but you do it on campus. (Internships are generally off-campus.) 
  • We offer practica in several areas: Box office, front-of-house, publicity & publications, fund-raising (fall only) and contracts and concert production (spring only.) Space is limited, especially in the later two classes. Upper classmen have priority. for more specific information, please see our internship page.
  • Arts Administration students should get involved in our volunteer usher corps as soon as possible. Ushers are accepted only twice a year -- at the beginning of each semester please email RAC Events Coordinator if you are interested or call 716-673-3744. Serving at least one semester as a volunteer usher is a pre-requisite to doing the front-of-house practicum. Service in our usher corps can also lead to a position as a house manager, one of the few opportunities you may have to gain supervisory experience while still in college.

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