Math Club

B.S. in Mathematics

The primary goal of the mathematics program is to prepare students for the lifelong study and use of mathematics.  The B.S. in Mathematics is a general mathematics degree program and is aimed at those who are seeking general employment following graduation and those interested in graduate study in mathematics.

The program requirements include:

  • One course selected from:
    CSIT 121 Computer Science I
    MATH 125 Software for Mathematics
  • MATH 122 University Calculus I
  • MATH 123 University Calculus II
  • MATH 210 Mathematical Structures and Proof 
  • MATH 223 University Calculus III
  • MATH 224 Differential Equations
  • MATH 231 Linear Algebra
  • MATH 323 Intermediate Real Analysis
  • MATH 331 Abstract Algebra I
  • MATH 405 Senior Seminar 
  • One course selected from:
    MATH 332 Abstract Algebra II
    MATH 420 Advanced Calculus
  • STAT 350 
  • Two additional courses in mathematics or statistics numbered 311 or above
  • One of the following science courses with laboratory:
    CHEM 115 and CHEM 125 General Chemistry I with Lab
    PHYS 230 and PHYS 232 University Physics I with Lab 

Note: Mathematics majors in the Cooperative Engineering Program may substitute PHYS 425 for MATH 420.

Students in the B.S. in Mathematics program are encouraged to complete additional coursework (a minor, for example) in a discipline that uses mathematics.

B.S. in Mathematics: List of Required Courses and Advising Checklist