Philosophy Mission Statement & Learning Goals

Department of Philosophy Mission Statement
The mission of the Department of Philosophy is to provide a high-quality education in the major subfields and the history of philosophy, leading to an undergraduate degree. Our strong, basic curriculum is enhanced by special topics courses and upper-level seminars, which allow students and faculty to pursue special interests within the wide domain of philosophical questions. By way of exploring philosophical concepts, problems, and arguments, our courses are designed to help students engage with the methods of philosophy, and in so doing to become careful, critical thinkers and independent learners. Additionally, the department strongly supports State University of New York at Fredonia’s General Education curriculum and underlying commitment to the liberal arts.

Department of Philosophy Goals for Student Learning

  • Evaluate Arguments: Ability to do the following:
    • Identify and reconstruct arguments.
    • Evaluate arguments, especially philosophical ones. 
  • Writing and Reasoning: Ability to compose well-reasoned, persuasive essays.
  • Knowledge: Understanding of the following: 
    • Historically important philosophical ideas or problems.
    • Historically important philosophers.

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