What can Philosophy do for you?

Valuable Skills

Leave your preconceptions at the door! Philosophy delivers highly marketable, highly transferable skills. If your ideal career requires thinking, talking, or writing, we'll help you prepare.

Be Employable: Study Philosophy

Studying philosophy enhances your ability to think clearly,   a gift that can be applied to any line of work.

The Power of the Liberal Arts Major

If you're getting a liberal arts degree, here's a piece of welcome news: you're actually in more demand than those who are getting finance and accounting degrees.

Degrees that Pay You Back

Your parents might have worried when you chose philosophy as a major. But a recent survey of 1.2 million people shows that philosophy graduates make 104% more 10 years after graduation than they did when they started work. (Data.)

The Rise in Stock of Philosophy Graduates

Figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency show that philosophy graduates are in growing demand from employers.  

The Management Myth

Most of management theory is inane, writes the founder of a consulting firm. If you want success in the business world, don’t get an M.B.A. Study philosophy instead.

Study of Philosophy Makes Gains Despite Economy

In an era where chronic unemployment seems to demand hard-to-acquire skills, some students are turning to an ancient study they say prepares them not for a job, but for the multiple jobs they expect to hold during their lifetimes.

Big Questions

Have you ever wondered if God exists? If you have free will? If life has meaning? Whether abortion/same-sex marriage/capitalism is right or wrong? What justice is? What it means to be a person? What you can know? If you should fear death?

So have we! Believe it or not, we've made progress and we have answers—lots of them—backed up with reasons. Come join humanity's conversation.

High Scores  

Philosophy Rules the GRE 

Thinking about graduate school? Add up the three sections: Philosophy majors have the highest overall score on the GRE.

Philosophy Rocks the GMAT 

How about business school? Philosophy majors outperform majors in economics, statistics, finance, accounting, etc.

Philosophy Owns the LSAT

Need that J.D.? Philosophy is a better bet than political science, pre-law, and anything starting with "business."

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