Lei Huang

Dr. Lei Huang
Dr. Lei Huang
Associate Professor
Thompson Hall E358

Ph.D., McGill University

Before joining academia I worked for a decade in the fields of marketing analytics, B-to-B business development, and strategic marketing management for private sectors. My current research focuses on sustainable marketing and corporate social responsibility. In addition to serve as an associate editor and a reviewer for a variety of academic journals, I have been supervising master theses and doctoral dissertations since 2009. I have taught various marketing courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels in the traditional face-to-face classrooms as well as online and hybrid formats. Currently, I also provide training and independent marketing consultation to help clients grow their business.| Specialties: marketing research, data analysis, digital marketing, service marketing, cause-related marketing, strategic marketing planning |

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Teaching Interests

I respect diverse talents and learning styles of students. I also believe that a great educator is more than a conveyor of knowledge. In giving my students both a solid theoretical foundation and real-world examples, I hope to foster their critical thinking and analytical skills so that they can apply that knowledge to future situations outside the campus. My teaching experiences include: Marketing Research/Analytics, Consumer Behavior, Strategic Marketing Management, Retailing, Sales Management, Service Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications, Marketing Ethics, etc.

Research Interests

My research interests fall into two domains: (1) I aim to provide research based advice in the fields of sustainable marketing to policy makers, companies, NGOs and their stakeholders. I have been exploring the impacts of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on consumers’ perceptions of cause-related strategies, moral food consumption, green marketing in financial industry, and CSR innovations on philanthropic purchase intentions. (2) My work of information sampling & dissemination focuses on how online and traditional word-of-mouth communications influence consumer decision-making. The findings from this line of research have been applied to the design of integrated marketing communications, social media strategies, and political marketing.

Current Research

  • The Effects of CSR Scandals on Corporate Images
  • The Impacts of Different CSR Frauds on Internal and External Stakeholders
  • The Morality in Food Consumption
  • The Role of Product Innovations on the Perception of Food Taste and Healthiness

Professional Memberships

  • American Marketing Association
  • Association for Consumer Research
  • Society for Consumer Psychology

Awards and Honors

  • William T. and Charlotte N. Hagan Young Scholar Award, State University of New York at Fredonia (2018).
  • The 53rd Society for Marketing Advances Annual Conference Best Paper Award, Society for Marketing Advances (2015).
  • Dalhousie Pre-tenured Researcher of the Year Award, School of Business, Dalhousie University (2012).
  • A. Gordon Archibald Teaching Excellence Award, Dalhousie University (2010).

Contracts, Grants, and Sponsored Programs

  • "Standard Research Grant (SSHRC 435-2014-1250) ," Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (2019).
  • "The Entrepreneurship International Curriculum Initiative Fund," School of Business, SUNY Fredonia (2017).
  • "The Raymond Lai Professional Development Fund," School of Business, SUNY Fredonia (2016).
  • "CIGI Collaborative Research Grant," The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) Ontario, Canada (2012).
  • "Standard Research Grant (SSHRC 410-2011-2337)," Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (2011).
  • "Dalhousie Faculty of Management Research Support Fund," Dalhousie University (2008).
  • "Dalhousie Research Development Fund ," Dalhousie University (2008).
  • "McGill Faculty of Management Entrance Fellowship ," McGill University (2003).

Intellectual Contributions

  • "Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships for Sustainability: Designing Decision Making Processes for Partnership Capacity," Journal of Business Ethics (2019).
  • "Partner Strategic Capabilities for Capturing Value from Sustainability-Focused Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships," Sustainability (2019).
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Media Contribution

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