Athletic Coaching Minor

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Minor in Athletic Coaching 

The Athletic Coaching minor is offered to students who wish to be licensed in New York State to coach in the public schools and community recreation programs. The curriculum covers First Aid Skills and Knowledge, Philosophy and Principles and Organization of Athletics in Education, Health Sciences Applied to Coaching, Sport Specific Coaching Techniques, Sport Law and Risk Management, a pre-internship, and an internship.

Course Requirements:

For the most current and accurate information on the program, please visit the college catalog here: Athletic Coaching Minor Course Catalog.

Students have three ways to qualify to coach youth sports in New York State...

A person who holds a valid certificate to teach physical education in New York State may coach any sport in any school but must meet the first aid requirement prior to starting to coach. A certified non-physical education teacher does not need to apply for a temporary coaching license. A person who does not hold a current New York State teaching certificate (e.g. physical education, English, mathematics) may be employed as a temporary coach only if there are no certified teachers available with experience and qualifications to coach the team. The non-teacher coach must obtain a Temporary Coaching license from their school district's BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services) and meet all of the same course requirements for coaching as does the certified classroom teacher. Successful completion of the program qualifies the student with a provisional license to coach in New York State.  The provisional licensure can lead to permanent coaching licensure through the New York Department of Education.

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