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Kenneth and parents at EDP annual awards ceremony. As the proud parent of an Educational Development Program student, it is important that you understand what EDP/EOP is and what our role will be in the life of your son or daughter while they are enrolled at the State University of New York at Fredonia. The success of your new EDP student ultimately depends on their performance in the classroom. However, your understanding of your responsibilities to them as college students as well as your emotional and financial support of them will contribute significantly to their success.

EDP does not provide students with a free college education. Every effort is made to minimize the direct expense to families when college charges exceed the financial aid available to students. Students will be expected to negotiate a loan(s) or provide personal resources to pay the cost of attendance if federal, state, and/or college grants fall short of such cost.

EDP does not divulge academic information to parents or any caller without the student’s written permission. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1972 sets forth requirements designed to protect the privacy of parents and students.

EDP does not provide students with transportation funds to and from home. Parents/students are expected to provide all transportation cost. 

EDP does not provide legal services for students. Legal advice is available through the Student ARAINBOW ON CAMPUSssociation. The service is free to all fee paying students and totally confidential.

EDP does not move students out of the dormitory at the end of the semester.

EDP does not pay for personal needs such as postage, telephone bills, laundry expenses, etc. Families are expected to supply students with the resources needed to cover personal needs.

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