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Enrollment & Student Services

Pathway to Student Success

Enrollment & Student Services (ESS) is the Division of the University that oversees all areas of the student's experience with special emphasis on educational and social experiences outside the classroom. Promoting student growth and development while at the University is one of our most important responsibilities.

Please see the bottom of this page for a list of various offices within the Division that are available to support the student experience at Fredonia.  

Photo of Dr. Cedric Howard VP for ESSIn keeping with the mission and strategic objectives of SUNY Fredonia, the Division of Enrollment and Student Services' five-year strategic plan is a collaborative effort across all departments and units within the Division. The Division cultivates a campus community that is supportive, caring and friendly for students, faculty, staff and our community stakeholders. We view ourselves as central to the University's mission of preparing students to become Skills, Connected, Creative, and Responsible global citizens and professionals. 

The 2018-2023 divisional strategic plan entitled, Pathway to Student Success, was developed to support students through: (1) cultivating learning and development experiences; (2) enhancing infrastructure to provide excellent service and programming; and (3) encouraging healthy, ethical, and responsible behavior. The objectives in Pathway to Student Success are centered on our divisional purpose - to foster involvement, growth, and development in safe, healthy, and inclusive campus communities. In all that we do, we keep students at the center. 

Pathway to Student Success incorporates strategic priorities from across the division. Detailed Action Plans (including success indicators and outcomes, measurement of progress, timelines and resource allocation) are developed and progress is reported in annual reports. In addition, each department in the division has its own assessment and evaluation team that guides its work in keeping with the unit's mission.

Pathway to Student Success allows us to work together responsible and collaboratively to create responsive programs and policies that service students and their stakeholders.

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Mission Statement
In support of Fredonia's strategic plan and institutional goals, the division will create programs and services to support students in their development of skills leading to personal and academic goals, foster responsible citizenship, and enrich the student experience.

Vision Statement
The division will strive to provide transformative pathways where students are empowered to develop as leaders, embrace diversity, and become life-long contributors in a global society.

Core Values

  • Student Success: Creating pathways to transformative learning environments for students and those who serve them.
  • Excellence, Collegiality, and Professionalism: Modeling professionalism through collaborative, ethical leadership, integrity, credibility, respect, consistency, customer service, and effectiveness.
  • Respecting Diversity, Inclusiveness, and Global Understanding: Standing for a sense of community where all individuals are valued.
  • Assessment and Accountability: Continually evaluating and improving practices, in order to hold professionals accountable through the collection and use of assessment evidence.

The Division of Enrollment & Student Services functional units:

Strategic Initiatives for the Division of Enrollment and Student Services. 

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