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Thank you for your interest in Fredonia Graduate Studies in Speech-Language Pathology. This page contains important information about the application process and important dates for you to keep in mind.

Early Action Option for current Fredonia CDS undergraduates

Fredonia undergraduate students who are currently completing their final year in Communication Disorders and Sciences now have the option to apply for early admission to the Speech-Language Pathology Master's program. For application details, scroll down.


  • November 30, 2019: Application deadline for Fall 2019 early admission.
  • January 25, 2020: Finalists selected and scheduled for in-person interviews with faculty.
  • January 31, 2020: Interviews conclude.
  • February 14, 2020: Final admission decisions announced on or before this date.
  • April 15, 2020: Enrollment confirmation deadline. **Regardless of your acceptance date, you have until April 15, 2020, to notify Fredonia of your enrollment decision.

Graduate Assistantships

  • The CDS department offers five graduate assistantships per year.
  • Apply on our Human Resources website.
  • Obligations and benefits:
    • Hours: 10 hours per week
    • Appointment: One year
    • Stipend: $3350
    • Tuition waiver: Nine credit hours at the New York State resident tuition rate

Current Fredonia CDS undergraduate students are not required to apply for early admission. Students who apply for early admission and do not receive an early admission offer are not precluded from the regular admission process. The applicants not chosen for early admission will automatically be considered for admission through the regular process.

Due to the volume of applicants, you are strongly encouraged to read this information thoroughly and carefully, before contacting our office.



You must submit all items listed below directly to the Graduate Studies Office. If you are missing any of these documents, your application will be listed as incomplete, and will not be reviewed.

 Submitted Application

Online only, must be submitted before the February 1st deadline.

 $75 Application Fee

Payable online via credit card, or offline via check.

 Statement of Intent

Please provide the following content in your statement of intent:

  • Describe a challenge you had to overcome in the workplace or in school.  Explain how you overcame it and what you have learned from it.
  • Limit: 1 page, 1.5-spaced, 11 pt. font, one-inch margins
 Current Résumé

Uploaded to the online application.

 Recommendation Letters*

Two written within one year, six months preferred.

Online: You will identify your recommendation providers on the online application. Emails will be sent to your providers with login information that will allow them to complete the required rating scale and upload a narrative letter


Unofficial transcripts may be uploaded directly to the application making sure that your transcript includes college name, course names, grades, and GPA.

You must submit transcripts:

- For all institutions you have attended, except Fredonia.
- For coursework for which transfer credit has been awarded.
- For coursework taken as a high school student only if college credit was awarded.
- Even if you previously submitted them to Fredonia during the undergraduate admissions process.

 GRE scores

Code - Fredonia: 2539

You do not report your own scores on the application.

GRE scores appear on SUBMITTED applications only. Scores are received by the Graduate Studies Office directly from the Educational Testing Service, and will be loaded to submitted applications every Friday beginning in January.

 Specific Requirements

- A minimum of 3.0 GPA is required.

- A bachelor's degree from an accredited institution whereby an applicant has completed:
- a minimum of 15 credit hours in courses related to the normal development of speech-language-hearing and/or the sciences related to the use of speech, language and hearing
- 9 credit hours in speech-language pathology disorders
- 6 credit hours in audiology
- 1 course in biology (3 credits)
- 1 course in physical science (3 credits)
- 1 course in statistics

- 1 course  in math 
- 1 course in social sciences
- and 1 course in psychology to meet ASHA's Standards


December 2019

An online information session will be held twice during the month of December. Wendy Dunst will take anonymous application questions in an online chat forum. Please check back for chat session dates. 

February 1, 2020

Application deadline. ALL application materials must be received by this date. No late applications will be accepted. You may log on to your application account at any time to check the status of your application and supporting materials.

Late March 2020

Decision notifications are sent. Application decisions will be available online when you log on to your application account and you will be notified by email that your decision is ready. To view your letter, click on the text that says "Your application decision is now available online".

April 15, 2020

Enrollment deadline. Acceptance or declination of our offer (acceptance and wait list placement) is due by the deadline date indicated on your letter. If you do not submit your enrollment in the program or on the wait list, your spot will be removed.

Summer 2020

Fall 2020 class is finalized. All accepted candidates will receive official acceptance letters and new student packets via postal mail.

August 2020

Communication Disorders & Sciences department orientation, Fredonia Graduate Studies Fall 2019 Orientation.


There is often confusion regarding recommendation letters and transcripts marked on the online application as received "official" or "not official".

  • Recommendation Letters: If a recommendation letter is listed as "Received Not Official", either the required recommendation form was not completed, or a narrative letter was not submitted.
  • Transcripts: A transcript is considered "official" if
    a) all coursework has been completed, and the transcript came directly from the University
    - or -
    b) a degree has been conferred, and the transcript came directly from the University.

If you have not completed your program from your university, your transcript is considered “Not Official”.
If you are still taking classes at your university, your transcript is "Not Official".


The following paperwork will be required for non-U.S. applicants upon acceptance to the program:

  • FSA-4 form with supporting financial documentation

Non-native English speakers will need to submit the FSA-3 form and English proficiency test scores.

Please note for native English speakers: if the system prompts you to upload the FSA-3 form or score report, simply upload a blank document to work around this requirement.


If you have previously applied, please contact the Graduate Studies Office at graduate.studies@fredonia.edu.


Program Specific
Questions about program prerequisites, undergraduate preparation, or specifics about the graduate Speech-Language Pathology degree program should be directed to the Communication Disorders & Sciences department graduate liaison, Prof. Tim Overbeck (Timothy.Overbeck@fredonia.edu).

Questions about the application process and status should be directed to Paul Starcher (paul.starcher@fredonia.edu) in the Graduate Studies Office.

Before contacting the Graduate Studies Office, please log in to your application account for the status of your recommendations, transcripts, and supporting materials.


Q: How do my GRE scores affect my chances for admission?
A: The GRE scores are one component of the application review process. Information about minimum or average GRE scores is not available. 

Q: What is the average GRE score?
A: The CDS department does not give out information regarding average GRE or GPA scores .

Q: Why do my GRE scores not appear on my application?
A: GRE scores are not self reported, rather loaded electronically by the Graduate Studies Office. Your test scores will appear on a submitted application (scores will not appear on unsubmitted applications). Scores will be loaded every friday starting in January and ending on February 18th. For example; if you submit your application on Tuesday, Jan 17th, your scores will appear on Friday, Jan 20th after 5pm.

Q: What if I do not meet some of the requirements for the program?
A: You need to speak with the SLP Graduate Student liaison, Prof. Tim Overbeck (Timothy.Overbeck@fredonia.edu) to discuss any options.  Students will not be admitted to take graduate level Speech courses as a non-degree student.

Q: How do I know when application materials have been received?
A: Any document that is received by the Grad Studies Office will be reflected on the online application as either "Received Official" or "Received Not Official". Updates to applications are made daily.

Q: Should I send my application materials to the Communication Disorders & Sciences department?
A: No, ALL materials must be sent directly to the Graduate Studies Office.

Q: What does my recommendation letter mean when it says "Received Not Official"?
A: If a recommendation letter is listed as "Received Not Official", either the recommendation form was not completed, or a written narrative letter was not submitted. You will receive an email explaining what portion is missing.

Q: I submitted an official transcript from my school, why does it say "Received Not Official"?
A: A transcript is considered "official" if a) all coursework has been completed, and the transcript came directly from the University, or b) a degree has been conferred, and the transcript came directly from the University.

Q: Where can I find my decision letter on my online application?
A: Once you receive an email, and log in to your application, you will see the link "Your application decision is now available online".  Click on that link to view your decision letter.

Q: I've been put on the wait list, can I add materials to my application?
A: No, additional materials will not be accepted after the February 1 deadline.

Q: Can you tell me where I am on the wait list?
A: Absolutely no information about the wait list will be given out, see below.

Q: I'm still on the wait list, why haven't I heard anything about my application?
A: After the enrollment deadline for accepted students, individual spots will be filled. I will send updates by email until the cohort has been filled and the cycle has ended.


Fredonia does not release any information regarding the wait list.  Information about an applicant's position on the wait list will not be provided.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • You must confirm whether or not you would like to remain on the wait list. Failure to do so, will result in your removal from the list. 
  • You will be notified via email when your status on the wait list changes, i.e. acceptance or denial.
  • Your application status will remain the same unless notified via email by our office, so check your email regularly.
  • No additional items will be accepted or added to your application.
  • The Speech-Language Pathology graduate degree program is very competitive with over 100 applications to fill 29 openings annually.

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