Graduate Thesis/Project/Creative Work Procedures

Graduate Thesis or Project/Creative Work Procedures

As part of the Fredonia Graduate Studies experience, we require all students follow our graduate thesis/project/creative work procedures. These procedures will allow us to archive your work so it will be accessible for future viewing.  Please follow the directions below to submit your thesis, final project, or creative activity. 


Student Responsibilities

  • The student completes either the Thesis Permissions Packet or the Master’s Project/Creative Work Permissions Packet and submits the packet, two cover pages (sample here), and thesis/project/creative work to the thesis advisor.
  • The student prints two cover pages and obtains the appropriate signatures on one of the pages. The second cover page is to be left blank of all signatures. Either the student or the advisor send the printed Permissions Packet to the appropriate Dean's office for review. If the student is enrolled in a fully online program, the student signs the signature page electronically and forwards the Permissions Packed to the advisor who then prints it and forwards the hard copy to the appropriate dean.

Department Secretary Responsibilities

  • The Vice Provost forwards completed hard copies of the permissions packet, blank cover page, and the thesis/project/creative work to the department secretary. The Vice Provost will retain the signed cover page in the Provost's Office.
  • The department secretary creates a folder for each student in the appropriate semester directory.  
  • The department secretary uploads the permissions packet, thesis/project/creative work, and blank cover page to the appropriate shared directory, as below.
    • M:\Masters-Projects-Creative-Works‎
    •  M:\Masters-Theses

[EXAMPLE: Alison Smith turns in a Biology thesis for Spring 2022.  After receiving all completed information from the Vice Provost, the department secretary navigates to the M:\Masters-Theses directory and accesses the Spring 2022 subdirectory. The secretary creates a new folder named Smith, Alison and uploads all documents to that folder.]

Reed Library Responsibilities

  • The library archivist completes the cataloging process and uploads the thesis/project/creative work to dSpace
  • Library patrons will be able to search for and access theses/projects/creative works. These works can be accessed by anyone using the search function on the Reed Library website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call 716-673-3808.


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