Graduate Application Department Review Process

These procedures can be completed from a campus location or remotely. If you plan to review applications from a remote location, you must have VPN access and be able to view document and image files on your computer. Links to resources are provided below. Please contact with questions or problems.

  1. Open Argos

    • To review applications from a campus location, navigate to 

      • Sign in with your Fredonia username and password.

      • Click the Argos Web Viewer button; a new window or tab will open.

    • To access your campus desktop and review applications from an off-campus location, navigate to

      • If you do not see a bookmark to your campus computer, submit an IT help request and ask them to create a VPN bookmark to your campus computer. Proceed to the next step.

      • Click on the bookmark to your campus computer and perform two-step verification  (Duo) or sign in with your Fredonia username and password

      • In a browser within your VPN window, navigate to 

      • Click the Argos Web Viewer button; a new window or tab will open.

      • All following steps must be performed within the VPN window.

  2. Open the Graduate Application Department Review form

    1. Click the GRAD – Share folder icon on the left side of the screen

    2. Click the Application Review link

  3. Retrieve your applications

    1. The Grad Studies: Application Review form should be open; click the Applicant Review button if it is not

    2. Click the dropdown menu labeled “Select applicant to review” and choose the applicantArgos Instructions

  4. Review your applications

    1. Review application materials by copying and pasting the file location link into your Windows Explorer or Mac Finder (Command K)Mac Instructions

    2. Click the "Review" button in the Argos form.

    3. Click the dropdown menu for Decision and choose your decision (the "Confirm" decision is used by the Graduate Studies office to generate the acceptance email).

    4. Enter comments and/or conditions if you wish.

    5. Enter the student’s advisor, if applicable.

    6. Click the "Done" button.



  • Once you submit your review, the applicant’s name will no longer appear in the Application Review form dropdown menu.

  • You can view other reviewers’ comments by clicking on the "My Department Reviews" button on your Argos dashboard and selecting the term and major from the dropdown menus.

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