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The mission of the Office of Student Creative Activity and Research (OSCAR) is to promote and support student scholarly activity and creative work across the SUNY Fredonia campus.

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Dr. Jack Croxton
OSCAR Director:
Jack Croxton, Ph.D.

Welcome to the Office of Student Creative Activity and Research (OSCAR) webpage. The links listed on the left contain information about undergraduate research opportunities at Fredonia, as well as information relevant to students and faculty mentors interested in undergraduate research.

The mission of the Office of Student Creative Activity and Research is to promote and support student scholarly activity and creative work across the Fredonia campus. Such an endeavor is integral to the teaching and learning experience. It provides an opportunity for students to become closely affiliated with a faculty mentor and to develop skills and knowledge that will benefit them in the future. Clearly, both students and faculty benefit from such activity, and therefore it is important that the institution make a concerted effort to promote such collaborations

The OSCAR office opened in 2006 as part of Fredonia’s efforts to institutionalize undergraduate research. The office is part of Academic Affairs and its mission is to promote and provide students with a variety of research, scholarly, and creative opportunities in all academic disciplines. The office is led by Dr. Jack Croxton and housed in the Department of Psychology in Thompson Hall. Activities coordinated by the office include the annual Student Research and Creativity Exposition and funding to support travel for students presenting/performing at professional meetings and conferences.

Experience our OSCAR SCRE 2021 Virtual Showcase

Please join us 9am - 4:30pm on Thursday April 29, to visit our 2021 virtual showcase.

  • To view exhibits: Go to our Padlet venue and scroll through the displays. Click on any file to open, then use your toolbar to make the view larger. 
  • To interact live with student scholars: Go to our live meeting Schedule. Presenters and topics appear in Column 1; live links to Google Meets are in Column 2. Note the one-hour time slot for each live meeting, using the grid schedule.


  • Consider keeping two tabs open in your browser, if you wish to have the exhibit open while attending a live meeting. Have Meet open in one tab and our Padlet open in the second tab.
  • When clicking to access a live meeting, most users will simply need to click JOIN, once Meet loads. For get more information about accessing Google Meet live online meetings, go to Google's Help for using Meet.

SCRE 2121 Virtual Exhibits           SCRE 2121 Live meeting Schedule

Members of the OSCAR committee include:

  • Ziya Arnavut, Computer and Information Sciences
  • Allan Cardenas, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Jack Croxton, Director Office of Student Creative Activity and Research
  • Xin Fan, History
  • Michael Jabot, Education
  • Jaehee Kwon, Education
  • Jill Marshall, Education
  • Robyn Reger, School of Business
  • Robert Rogers, Mathematical Sciences
  • Carol Smith, Communication
  • Courtney Wigdahl-Perry, Biology
  • Peter Tucker, Visual Arts and New Media
  • Ivani Vassoler-Froelich, Politics and International Affairs

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Photos of past OSCAR events

Past Student Research and Creativity Expositions

April Lorenzi

April Lorenzi

April, a senior psychology major at Fredonia, is completing a research project on perfectionism and it’s negative side effects amongst dancers! In this project April will compare levels of perfectionism amongst dancers compared to regular students. After college April hopes to use the skills learned in this research project to break into the field of performance psychology! Good luck April!

Nick and Jaime

Nick Certo and Jaime Birkmeyer

Senior psychology students Nick Certo and Jaime Birkmeyer are conducting research on how lighting effects concentration and comfort In educational settings! As technology advances research opportunity’s grow, as not many studies have been done on lighting hue Nick and Jaime saw a perfect opportunity. The results of Nick and Jaime’s research so far point to people preferring warmer lighting (oranges) for comfort and white lighting for concentration. The next step in Nick and Jaime’s research will be to evaluate whether the subjects preferences produce the best desired result. Good luck Nick and Jaime!

Heather or Dr. Croxton

Heather Han and Dr. Croxton

Heather, a senior Psychology/Music Therapy dual major from Long Island, is currently working on a research project with Fredonia’s own Dr. Croxton! Together they are delving into altruism. Altruism is defined as the belief that the well-being of others is equally, if not more important than the well-being or survival of the self. Heather will be researching how others view a person with altruistic behavior as opposed to someone who helps others for profit.

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