How do I become math teacher?

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Our modern world requires a quantitatively literate society, and there is increasing emphasis within education on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).  There are plenty of interesting and critical problems to solve in the area of mathematics education.  We need mathematics educators who can implement new pedagogy and curriculum, and engage diverse learners.  Our program prepares you to do this, and our graduates go on to become leaders in their districts and the profession.

Our mathematics education program is recognized as one of the best in New York State, with innovative coursework, extensive field experiences, and an emphasis on strong content knowledge.  Our program is one of the only ones that offers a field placement in your first year of college, and every year after that.  You’ll get many opportunities to put your knowledge into practice and bring those experiences back to the classroom.  Our math education courses are a synthesis of content knowledge and pedagogy, with special attention to literacy and technology within the discipline.

Every fall we take students to the annual conference of the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State (AMTNYS), where they have the opportunity to meet veteran teachers and principals from across the state, attend talks, and present their own work.

If you complete either of our undergraduate bachelors programs, the BS in Mathematics-Adolescence Education or the BS in Mathematics-Middle Childhood Education, you will have initial certification to teach in New York State.  Many of our graduates continue into our Masters of Mathematics Education program, which leads to professional certification.  You can attend graduate school part time or full time.  Students who attend full time usually complete the program in one calendar year.

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