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Due to travel restrictions, programs are suspended through Spring 2021. Please consider your application for Fall 2021 or later.

Institute for American Universities (IAU) College

IAU College is one of the oldest and largest education abroad programs in Europe. It provides students with academic programs of intellectual substance and international focus in the fertile foreign setting of southern France for a year, a semester or summer. Any student open to learning and willing to grow will return home transformed-changed for the better in unexpected ways. Founded in 1957 IAU has served as an academic center for more than 700 North American colleges and universities, and continues to make study in France available to students who recognize the life-long value of living in and exploring a culture other than their own.

There are two programs available to students through IAU.

  • The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is designed for liberal arts majors with beginning to advanced French language skills. All levels of French language and literature courses are offered, along with a variety of liberal arts courses taught in English or in French. Additionally, a French Honors Program is available for French Majors or students with a demonstrated advanced level of French.   
  • Marchutz School of  Fine Art is an internationally known painting school in the south of France that takes an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to art education. Students take an art criticism seminar along with painting and drawing courses taught in English. These students are strongly encouraged to take a French language course at the Aix Center in addition to these courses. Field trips to Paris and Giverny during the fall semester, and Venice during the spring semester are included in this program.
  • Program Type: Study Abroad
  • Language of Instruction: English & French
  • Housing: Host Families
  • Dates: IAU Academic Calendar
  • Eligible Participants: Sophomores; Minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Application Deadlines:
    • Academic Year and Fall: March 1
    • Spring: October 15
  • Estimated Cost: 
    (New budgets are generally made available the summer prior to the program running.)
  • Courses: IAU Course Descriptions and Schedules
  • IAU website:
  • Application: Submit an application and a copy of your transcripts to the Office of International Education.

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