Fredonia family series features holiday production by storied theater company

Doug Osborne-Coy
characters Frosty and Billy on stage

Frosty (left) helps Billy find his way home for the holidays in the Barter Theater production of “Frosty: A Musical Adventure,” which will be presented Wednesday, Dec. 6 at the State University of Fredonia as part of Rockefeller Arts Center’s Kaleidoscope Family Series.

Making it home for the holidays will be the theme of the next Kaleidoscope Family Series event at SUNY Fredonia.

Rockefeller Arts Center presents “Frosty: A Musical Adventure” on Wednesday, Dec. 6 at 6:30 p.m. in Marvel Theatre.

Tickets are available 24/7 online at, by phone at (716) 673-3501 or in person at the Campus Ticket Office in the Williams Center. The hours for phone and in-person sales are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

In the production, a young orphan named Billy discovers magic in a stolen hat, and when he places the hat on a snowman’s head, that snowman comes to life. Can Frosty help Billy find his real family in time for Christmas?

“Frosty: A Musical Adventure” is a production of Barter Theater, the state theater of Virginia, a designation it has maintained since 1946. Founded in 1933, it is the nation’s longest running professional theatre, and has received countless awards and accolades over its history.

Barter Theater has been a launching pad for the careers of many iconic actors and actresses, including Gregory Peck, Patricia Neal, Ernest Borgnine, Hume Cronyn, Ned Beatty, Gary Collins, Larry Linville and David Birney.

The Barter Players perform at Barter Theater in Abingdon, VA, and also go on tour, performing around the nation every October through December. The players meet the audience before the shows, and often after the shows as well, and they love building friendships with the people who come.

Featuring “fierce theatricality, no-holds-barred acting, and faithfulness to the best stories ever written,” the Barter Players have developed a following among both children and adults alike. The company notes it is not unusual to have an adult “admit” to them that they come to performances even if they don’t have children. The Barter Players believe the child in all of us “deserves wild adventure, an incredible story, and the excitement of live theatre so close you can reach out and touch it.”

“Frosty: A Musical Adventure” is sponsored by The Observer and The Post-Journal as part of the 2023-24 Lake Shore Savings Season.

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