Spring a very busy season in publishing world for lecturer Cuthbert

Roger Coda
Book cover In Memory of Exoskeletons

It is shaping up to be a highly prolific spring in the world of writing, poetry and readings for Department of English Adjunct Lecturer Rebecca Cuthbert.

In early March, Ms. Cuthbert’s “In Memory of Exoskeletons,” a collection of dark and feminist poetry, was published by Alien Buddha Press and is currently ranked as the publisher’s best seller of 2023 so far.

Cuthbert, who has an M.F.A. in Fiction from West Virginia University, gave a reading from “In Memory of Exoskeletons” and conducted a short question/answer session on WANA LIVE!, a YouTube show produced by the Writers Association of Northern Appalachia.

Rebecca Cuthbert
Rebecca Cuthbert

To see the WANA Live! YouTube show on which Cuthbert was a guest reader, go online. 

Cuthbert’s micro fiction “The Reservoir” was recently published by Hungry Shadow Press, a publisher of short fiction by up-and-coming and established writers of dark, weird, fantasy and horror fiction. To see "The Reservoir" at Hungry Shadow Press, go online 

Cuthbert was a guest on the weekly podcast thenecronomi.com, with hosts Don Guillory and James Sabata, which is scheduled to air on April 24.

To see the episodes of  The Necrinomi.com podcast, where Cuthbert’s episode on 1973s “Season of the Witch” will be posted, go online

Cuthbert will join the Fredonia Literary Festival on Saturday, April 29, with a vendor table and will also participate in the readings.

Soon, Cuthbert’s story “The Cliffs at Battery Pointe” will be read on the CREEPY Podcast.
Her story, “The Quilting Circle of Bygone Gardens,” will be published in Soul Scream Antholozine.

“No Rest Nor Relief For You With Me Dead,” a Cuthbert sonnet, will be out in Shakespeare Unleashed, an anthology, by Monstrous Books and Crystal Lake Publishing.

Cuthbert’s story “Falling to Pieces,” originally published by Defunkt Magazine, has earned a place in the Neon Hemlock anthology “We’re Here: The Best Queer Speculative Fiction 2022.”

Three micro pieces by Cuthbert – “Grudge,” “Gift” and “Reckoning” – will be included in a special edition 50th issue of the Alien Buddha Press ‘Zine.

Cuthbert’s poem “Still Love,” which was originally published by Nocturne Magazine and also included in her own poetry collection, has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

This summer, Cuthbert will be a guest reader with Diet Milk Magazine, a literary magazine focused on the Gothic. The magazine published her micro piece "Dare You," as part of its In The Bleak Midwinter horror advent calendar in December. 

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