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Climate Education Initiative

The Climate Education Initiative (CEI) is a collaboration between the State University of New York at Fredonia and regional K-12 educators to promote and support scientific understanding of climate change and climate action.

The CEI website consists of three main components.  The Climate Facts page contains basic information on climate science, climate change, and impacts.  The Climate Action page discusses our options for response, both individually and collectively.  The Climate Education page contains resources for educators, such as New York State science standards, curricular materials, and data sets.


Upcoming CEI events:

As part of Earth Month 2019, CEI will be involved in two different events on Saturday, April 27th.

  1. We will have an information table at the Greystone Nature Preserve Expo at the Science Center on the Fredonia Campus, 9:00-4:00.  We'll be launching our version of the Alliance for Climate Education's (ACE) Do One Thing (DOT) campaign.
  2. We are hosting an Action Workshop for Reducing our Carbon Footprint at the Fredonia Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, 219 Central Avenue in Fredonia, 4:00-5:00.  This is an opportunity to share ideas for individual and collective action to address climate change and plastic pollution.  Members of the campus and community are invited to join us for a family-friendly event.

For more information on these and all Earth Month events, see the Earth Month Calendar of Events.


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