History of EAP

Since 1917, EAPs have provided support and assistance to employees with work performance problems that result from some type of personal problem.

R.M. Macy and Company, and the Northern State Power Company were the first to recognize the need and to establish EAPs mainly because of the high rate of alcoholism among their white-collar workers in the 1940s.

Gradually, EAPs evolved and began treating mental, emotional, and financial difficulties as well as those problems caused by alcohol and drug use.

Today's programs are broad and cover almost any employee problem.

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The New York State Employee Assistance Program is a labor/management committee operating in conjunction with the Governor's Office of Employee Relations. It is designed to strengthen the working relationship between management and unions in New York State. An advisory board, comprised of five union and five management representatives, meets regularly in Albany to set program policy.

The Program Manager, selected by the Labor/Management Advisory Board, is responsible for program administration, including staffing, policy implementation, and ongoing program improvement. The Program Manager, Assistant Program Manager, Central Region EAP representatives, and support staff are located at the main office of the New York State EAP, which is located at Empire State Plaza in Albany.

Nine regional representatives report to the Program Manager. The eight regional offices are located in Albany, Buffalo, Hauppauge, Manhattan, Newburgh, Syracuse, and Watertown.

Local EAP programs function across the state in almost every agency, offering services to more than 180,000 state employees and their families. These local programs receive guidance, support, and training from the regional field offices and the New York State EAP.

Organizational Chart

organizational chart

EAP Committee Members

Susan H. Murphy EAP Coordinator EAP Office AOC 108


Denise Szalkowski MC   Presidents Office, Fenton Hall


Dean Messina Asst. Director of Dining, FSA, University Commons




Roger Coda
UUP Writing & Communications Foundation House


Sandra Lewis
UUP Professional Development Center Reed Library




Donna Howlett CSEA/Local 607 Purchasing Maytum Hall




Jen Szymanski CSEA Ed. Dev. Program, Thompson E286


Kimberly Mead-Colegrove UUP Learning Center Reed Library


EAP Program Committee Bylaws

NYS Contacts

New York State Employee Assistance Program 55 Elk Street Suite 301-A Albany, New York 12210-2316 Website: http://www.eap.lmc.state.ny.us/public.htm

Western Region Office Electric Tower Building 535 Washington St., Suite 306 Buffalo, New York 14203 (716) 847-3911