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The WellNYS Everyday initiative is dedicated to educating, engaging, and empowering New York State employees and their families, by encouraging participation in healthy behaviors. The Monthly Challenges promotes practicing a healthy behavior every day. For 2022, the goal is to practice the chosen healthy behavior for at least 22 days of each month (it doesn't have to be consecutive days), which is the estimated time it takes to form a habit, and an easy number to remember in the year 2022. Some of the healthy behaviors of the Monthly Challenges may already be part of your daily routine. To make it more challenging, practice the behavior for a longer period or ask a co-worker or family member to join you in practicing the Monthly Challenges.

Every day a new WellNYS Daily To–Do is uploaded onto the WellNYS Everyday website every morning and emailed to subscribers. The WellNYS Daily To-Do offers inspiration, motivation and creative ways to practice the Monthly Challenge. 

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  • The Body Positive: Teaches people how to overcome conflicts with their bodies so they can lead happier, more productive lives.

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  • The Men's Health Network: An informational and educational organization recognizing men's health as a specific social concern and committed to promoting issues affecting men's health.