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Secretarial/Clerical Committee Members

Secretarial/Clerical Professional Development Committee members

Tammy Bankoski, School of Music

Leah Betts, Human Resources

Annette Caruso, Co-Chair - Politics and International Affairs

Dawn Eckenrode, Advisor

Bobbi Fisher, Education

Becky Krzyzanowicz, Reed Library

Kim Miller, Academic Affairs - Retention and Academic Success

Tammi Moloney, Payroll

Julie O'Connor, Communication

Janet Parsons, Property Control

Caldie Proper, Co-Chair - Biology and Chemistry

Nancy Quintyne, Visual Arts and New Media

Lori Rickerson, Financial Aid

Kellie Sacilowski, Co-Chair - Rockefeller Arts Center

Carol Smith,  Purchasing

Stephanie Teachman, Academic Affairs - Provost's Office

Alicia Wroblewski, Residence Life