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Secretarial/Clerical Conferences

About the Annual Fall Secretarial Conference:

Demonstrating the core values of compassionate leadership, Fredonia provides an annual campus-sponsored event that cultivates a workplace culture in which our secretarial network feels valued, respected, and cared for so they can reach their potential and do their best work.

The goals of the Annual Fall Secretarial Conference are as follows: 

  • Provide both formal and informal opportunities for cross-department information sharing, problem solving and collaboration; 
  • Cultivate social networks and communication across departments and divisions in order to foster greater performance, learning, and innovation;
  • Improve employee morale and engagement by providing opportunities for personal and professional growth, and resources for career development and performance improvement;
  • Address and acknowledge workplace burnout by promoting strategies for health, wellness, and self-care. 

Fall 2023 Conference: This year's fall conference combines professional development with personal peace of mind.

Fall Conference Agenda 2023

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Fall 2022 Conference

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  • These conferences were canceled due to COVID. 

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