Award Management


The pre-application research and proposal development is a lengthy process. We hope that the detail and process explanation that fall under Award Management are helpful. If you have any questions, please contact a staff member in the Office of Sponsored Programs or consult the SUNY Research Foundation's "Principal Investigators Handbook" for the most current procedures and data.

Although the role for the principal investigator or project director is critical to the performance of sponsored activity, the University is technically the recipient of the award (through the SUNY Research Foundation). The University assumes the legal responsibility for observing the terms and conditions of the award and for assurances and compliance the sponsor requires.

Upon notification of award, the OSP will need to prepare paperwork for the RF Central Office to create the award account. In some instances, assurances or final paperwork must be channeled through the RF Contract Officers and back to the sponsor before the expenditure account can be established. The campus is always asked to approve awards, and the OSP makes sure that the PI/PD has signed off or agreed with the terms before accepting.

During these negotiations, the OSP may contact the PI/PD to clarify issues related to the programmatic scope of work and/or a budget modification while working closely with the RF Contract Officer. Every award is reviewed to ensure consistency between the approved proposal and the award.