Museum Studies

Dr. Ellen Litwicki, Coordinator
History Department
E307 Thompson Hall

Museum Studies minor provides an interdisciplinary introduction to the field of museum work. Students may choose a public history, art, or anthropology track depending on their interests. This minor will prepare students for graduate work in museum studies and for professional careers in history, art, anthropological, or science/natural history museums.

A minor in Museum Studies partnered with a major in Art History, Visual Arts and New Media or History will uniquely qualify Fredonia students for this ever-expanding discipline. This minor in combination with the Social Studies Adolescence Education major would prepare students to enter the emerging field of Museum Education. This minor will also be congruent with other academic programs such as American Studies, Anthropology, Geo-Sciences, etc. Moreover, this minor will provide opportunities for service learning through the internship and capstone courses, and will provide benefits to understaffed local cultural institutions.

Major/Minor Requirements for Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Programs

Requirements for the Minor in the Museum Studies Program

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