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Cybersecurity (Online) Program at Fredonia

Cybersecurity is a growing area and the world faces a shortage of specialists. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that there will be an 18 percent increase in cybersecurity jobs by 2024. Some cybersecurity specialties are projected to grow by as much as 36 percent.

The Advanced Certificate in Cybersecurity will prepare you to identify risks, and manage and control computer and network security in industrial, government, and educational settings. This fast-track, completely online program will prepare you for an in-demand career at a fraction of the cost of industry-sponsored programs. Whether you have just completed your academic work or are a new professional in the field, Fredonia has a pathway for you.

The Fredonia Difference

Fredonia offers a hands-on virtual laboratory that allows you to perform system configuration, design secure architectures, and develop software exploits. This practical training is often offered at industry conferences, and is frequently prohibitively expensive. At Fredonia, it’s an integral part of the program that you can access for the duration of your certificate. 

Cybersecurity Courses

Suggested Schedule for Academic Year 2021-22

Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credits
CSIT 501 Network Management & Sys Admin None 3
CSIT 502 Enterprise Security Operations None 3
CSIT 503 Network Security CSIT 501 3
CSIT 504 Applied Cryptography CSIT 502 3
CSIT 505 Regulations in Security CSIT 502 3
CSIT 506 Penetration Testing and Exploit Development CSIT 503 3

*7-week courses starting August 2021: CSIT501, CSIT502
*7-week courses starting October 2021: CSIT503, CSIT504
*7-week courses starting February 2022: CSIT505, CSIT506
*This is a tentative schedule and subject to change. Following this schedule, a student starting in August 2021 can finish the AC in March 2022.


Career Opportunities for Cybersecurity (Online)

  • Application/Software Security Engineer
  • Associate Security Consultant
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Information Security Engineer
  • Information Security Officer
  • IT Auditor
  • IT Security Engineer
  • Penetration Tester
  • Product Security Engineer
  • Security Director
  • Security Engineer
  • Technical Security Specialist
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It's Different Here

Cutting-edge program

Practice-based 100% online learning that leaders in the field desire

High-growth career

Designed to qualify you for a variety of cybersecurity positions that defend data or prevent physical harm.

Professional Certifications

Can be added right after completing this program. This program prepares you well for attempting the professional certification exams.

Sample Courses

CSIT502 Enterprise Security Operations

Security control types, Need to know and least privilege, Access control models, Identification and authentication, User account provisioning, Access control methods, Biometrics, Multi-factor techniques, SSO technologies, Security operations, Change and configuration management, Privilege management, Incident response and investigation, Backup and Recovery operations, Application Security testing, client-server app vulnerabilities, secure SDLC, Database security

CSIT503 Network Security

Introduction to Network Security. Network attacks. Secure network architecture. VLANs. NAT. VPNs. Firewalls. Packet inspection. Ingress/Egress filtering. Intrusion detection. Intrusion prevention. Network encryption.

CSIT506 Penetration Testing and Exploit Development

Introduction to penetration testing, Penetration testing methodology, Reconnaissance, Google hacking, Email harvesting, Open source intelligence and social media, Enumeration, DNS enumeration, Port scanning, Vulnerability assessments, Exploits and exploit development, Bypassing Antivirus, Post­exploitation techniques, Privilege escalation, Password retrieval and cracking, Pivoting, Web application hacking, SQL Injection, Cross-site scripting, Cross-site request forgery, Local and remote file inclusion.

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