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Industrial Management Program at Fredonia

The Industrial Management program teaches the necessary foundation in applied physics, business, economics, and mathematics. The program prepares administrators who can address the present and future technological needs of our society. The emphasis is not necessarily industrial, but includes management positions in any technical setting. Students who complete the program are also prepared for careers in government, small businesses, or other organizations.

The Fredonia Difference

Fredonia’s degree in Industrial Management is an excellent foundation for the pursuit of master's or doctoral degrees in any of the business or scientific concentrations. It is similar to the very popular "Engineering and Management" programs offered by many institutions.


Career Opportunities for Industrial Management

  • Technical personnel management
  • Administration between engineering staff and technical workforce
  • Automation service/production/sales/quality control
  • Technical and business liaison

It's Different Here


It is more affordable to go through Fredonia’s four or five year program than other bigger universities.


Literally from top (State-of-the-art, 17" PlaneWave telescope on top of Science Center) to bottom (planetarium in basement of Jewett Hall), Fredonia’s facilities rival those of bigger institutions


Fredonia’s Industiral Management curriculum combines physics, business, computer science, social sciences, and electives, ensuring students are well-versed in all areas.

Why Industrial Management at Fredonia?

physics students work on a project

Real world experience

Field experience is required under the supervision of both a faculty and industrial sponsor after either your sophomore or junior year.

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Integration of Science and Business

Our program is tailored to develop you as an engineer and a business manager to maximize your potential to employers.

a fredonia professor points to a computer while advising a student


You’re not taught by grad students at Fredonia. You’ll learn from faculty members who are accomplished scholars and enjoy involving you in their research.

Sample Courses

PHYS 330 Thermodynamics

Concepts of temperature, laws of thermodynamics, entropy, thermodynamic relations and potentials, processes, properties and cycles, applications to physical systems, introduction to statistical mechanics.

BUAD 323 Organizational Behavior

The historical and current development of management principles is covered including theories of motivation for individuals, groups and organizations, leadership, organizational design and performance evaluation.

ENGL 375 Writing for the Professions

Focus on the development of students' ability to communicate in the business and professional world through the letter, memorandum, and in-house report. Emphasis on the importance of written communication as a tool for problem-solving in administrative and management settings.

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