Chinese character input for PC and Mac users

For PC users:

To set up Chinese (PRC) input method for typing simplified characters:

  • 1. Start>Control Panel>Regional and Language Options
  • 2. The Regional and Language Options Box appears, select languages>details
  • 3. The Text Services and Input Languages Box appears. Under Settings, in the Installed Services Box, scroll and select Chinese (PRC) with one click, then click Add.
  • 4. In the Input Languages Box, check keyboard layout/IME, select Microsoft Pinyin IME. Click OK.
  • 5. Click Apply.
  • 6. You should have two language options (English; Chinese (PRC)-simplified; on your language bar now.

For Mac users:

1. Go to the Apple logo, and go to System Preferences.
2. Click on International.
3. Click on the Input Menu tab
4. Click on the checkbox next to "Visual Keyboard."
5. Scroll down and click on the checkbox next to Simplified Chinese
6. Make sure the box at the bottom left that says "Show input Menu in taskbar" in checked. (When you check this, a U.S. flag should appear next to the battery symbol on your taskbar.
7. Click on the flag, and change to ITABC.
8. Open MS Word (or whatever you use)