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Fredonia offers programs for ESL & Pathway I-20s! No English test scores required. 


Your Pathway to a degree--start taking credit-bearing courses sooner!

  • Fredonia is authorized to issue I-20s for English Language Pathways, as well as, Language Training
    • We have programs for any level of English
  • Fredonia's International Pathway Program combines ESL support classes with credit bearing courses.
    • All undergraduate Pathways complete 21-27 credits towards your degree. 
  • All credit courses apply to your degree, and you are guaranteed admission to your degree program after completing the Pathway.
    • No final English test! All progress is based on success in credit courses and supporting ESL courses.
  • Depending on your level of English, you could be eligible for a Pathway as short as 2 semesters.
    • The Pathway includes a full Summer semester to maximize your time and get you to your degree sooner. 

Being successful in an American university takes more than English proficiency, which is why Fredonia's International Pathway Program takes a holistic approach to student success, incorporating competencies like :

  • Academic skills and integrity 
  • Confident communication
  • Cultural and social skills
  • Expectations in higher education 
  • Personal accountability

You don't need to wait to pass an English test with near perfect fluency to start working towards your degree at Fredonia. You can learn English while living on campus, making friends, and starting your American university adventure!  

Students in Global Lounge


  1. Apply through using the SUNY Application
  2. Follow the step-by-step application.
  3. Email all supporting documents to
    • Secondary school transcripts.
    • Proof of graduation (when available).
    • English proficiency score (if you have it).
    • Financial Statement Form* – Submit the Financial Statement form and original documentation proving you have funds to pay for all educational and living expenses for the first year of study.
    • Passport* – A clear photocopy of the identification page of your passport.
  4. Get acceptance email – Upon favorable review, an acceptance letter to the Pathway Program will be emailed to the student and agent.

*Items not required until after acceptance, but expedite I-20 issuance if submitted with application.


  1. Apply Here
  2. Upload documents:
    • English proficiency test results (45 TOEFL/4.5 IELTS or higher). If no test results are available please contact
    • Transcripts – Unofficial transcripts may be uploaded to the application for review purposes. If the transcript is in English with a school stamp, an evaluation may not be required. If the transcript is not in English or not on a 4.0 scale, transcript evaluation is required by any of these providers.
    • Recommendation letters – email two letters of recommendation to
  3. Get acceptance email – You will receive acceptance confirmation via email within a week in most circumstances, please indicated via email priority applications. 
  4. Get your 1-20 – Once you have received your acceptance via email please send the following to to receive your Pathway 1-20: 
    • Passport with photo.
    • FSA 4 Financial Statement.
      All International applicants must submit evidence of full financial support for all expenses at Fredonia as a condition of being issues immigration documents for F-1 or J-1 status (i.e., the Certificate of Eligibility, form I-20AB or IAP-66). Applicants must submit the FSA-4 form signed by both the applicant and the applicant's financial sponsor and an original bank statement verifying the available funds. Both of these documents must be original signatures and seals. 

You don’t have to be accepted to a degree program at Fredonia to take English classes. Our English courses can also be taken as a stand-alone non-credit Academic English program. 

  • Full-time Academic English for Language Training I-20s or Part-time study-from-home options
  • Skills courses in Grammar, Speaking & Listening, Reading, Writing
  • University level academic content
  • All levels of English Accepted
  • No TOEFL/IELTS needed--FREE online placement test

Cost for English Tuition 

Full-Time (I-20 eligible)

20 hours per week



  • Minimum 4 weeks
  • 4-8 weeks= $750 per week
  • >8 weeks flat fee = $6,000


15 hours per week




  • Minimum 4 weeks
  • $562.50 per week

10 hours per week




  • Minimum 4 weeks
  • $375 per week

5 hours per week




  • Minimum 4 weeks
  • $187.50 per week

Does not include room & board, fees, insurance, books etc.



Undergraduate International Pathway Program 

Program Minimum English Proficiency Number of Semesters Number of Credits Towards Degree Completed 




Standard Plus 




Extended Plus 



*Includes Summer semester

**Graduate Pathway Programs vary by department. Please inquire with for more information on Graduate Pathway offerings. 

***All English scores are confirmed on arrival with a placement exam during orientation. If a student's score is significantly different than the one previously submitted, the pathway length may be adjusted accordingly.

UG Program Chart SampleExample of progression

Each year has three terms: Fall, Spring, Summer. Students may start any term. 



UG Cost Chart

Does not include room and board, fees, insurance, books etc. 

GR Cost Chart

Does not include room and board, fees, insurance, books etc. 

The courses in the pathway are Fredonia Foundations which are general education courses required for all undergraduate degree programs. The pathway sections of these courses are designed for international students and taught by faculty with experience working with ESL learners. The English classes support the credit bearing classes with skills such as vocabulary, assignment strategies, and test preparation. 


The Graduate Music Pathway has been designed by the department for student pursuing: Master of Music in Music Education Studies, Master of Music in Performance, Master of Music in Theory/Composition, Master of Music in Music Therapy

The following is a sample course progression:

Image of chart


You do not need a TOEFL or IELTS to be accepted! 

  • Apply for your degree
  • If you are academically accepted, we will contact you with details for our free, online English placement test
  • Fredonia has programs for all English levels
Student playing clarinet

Guangzhao, Music Performance, China

“Talking about Internationals, Fredonia has less internationals than other places. People treat us more special and with a great attitude. Unlike other places that has a lot of internationals.”


Mamiko BFA Dance Japan

"I spent four years of my college carrier in SUNY Fredonia, and what I liked about Fredonia is the community. people there are so great, and people who I met were all passionate about what they are pursuing for. Since Fredonia is far from city, naturally I was always looking for something to get inspiration from, which is making my life as an artist better, because we always need to be inspired even in the city and being surrounded by a lot of information and people."

student outside

Hao, Music Education, China

"1. I’m into the environment here. It is very clean. Although the winter is cold, we can enjoy the good weather and the amazing lake here.

2. Professors and classmates are very friendly and kind. I get help whenever and wherever I encounter problems. Professors are patient for offering help. And then take car international students very well.

3. I enjoy the academic environment here. Every professor is strict with our studying. They will help us to correct our every mistake seriously. It helps us to improve a lot.”

students at restaurant

Eunmi, Voice Performance, S. Korea & Tzu-Hsin, Music Performance, Taiwan

What I like most about Fredonia:

Eunmi - "The environment; I can focus on my studies."

Tzu-Hsin - "Fredonia is very safe." 

ESL and International Pathway Program

  • E125 Thompson Hall State University of New York at Fredonia Fredonia, NY 14063

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