Speech-Language Pathology, M.S.

The graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology from the Department of Communication Disorders & Sciences at Fredonia is designed to enable students to meet:

New York State Department of Education academic and practicum requirements for Initial and Professional certification as Teachers of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD);
New York State Department of Education academic and clinical requirements for licensure in Speech Pathology;
American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) academic and clinic practicum requirements for the Certificate for Clinical Competency in Speech-Language Pathology (CCC-SLP).

A minimum of 375 clock hours of supervised clinical practice is required for degree completion, of which 325 hours are at the graduate level.


Program Outline

Note: Change in offered electives may occur depending on instructor availability and the institutional budget, especially for summer sessions.

Fall I Term
CDS 551 Neuroscience for Communication Disorders
CDS 555 Dysphagia
CDS 598 Voice Disorders
**CDS 582 Stuttering
**CDS 530 Augmentative and Alternative Communication
** (Required Fall 1 or Fall 2)

Spring I Term
CDS 502 Clinical Practice
CDS 500 Language Problems in Children
CDS 606 Research Design
CDS 552 Medical Speech-Language Pathology (E)
CDS 565 Early Intervention(E)
Take One Elective (E)

Summer Term I and II
CDS 502 Clinical Practice
CDS 556(E) Corporate Speech Pathology
CDS 557(E) Counseling for the Speech Language Pathologist
Take One Elective (E)
CDS 502 Clinical Practice
CDS 611 Motor Speech Disorders

Fall II Term
CDS 608 Neurogenic Language Disorders (Aphasia)
CDS 502 Clinical Practice
*CDS 554 Early Intervention (E)
*CDS 575 Craniofacial (E)
*CDS 585 Auditory Processing Disorders (E)
*EDU506 Literacy (for Initial Certification)
**CDS 582 Stuttering
**CDS 530 Augmentative and Alternative Communication
** Required Fall 1 or Fall 2
* Elective (E) – Take 2

Spring II Term
CDS 605 Clinic Externship (** see below)
CDS 589 Professional Issues
NOTE: Students in need of CDS 632 register for 6 credits in 605 and 6 credits in 632

For entering graduate students without initial certification:

- You will complete CDS 632 (8 weeks), then CDS 605 (8 weeks).
- You will need to complete specific workshops regarding Child Abuse, Drug/ Alcohol Abuse and Violence in order to apply for the Initial Certification.
- You will need to complete a Fingerprinting Processing Application provided to you in your 2nd fall semester.

Total Credit Hours for Program Completion: 62


A bachelor's degree from an accredited institution whereby an applicant has completed a minimum of 15 credit hours in courses related to the normal development of speech-language-hearing and/or the sciences related to the use of speech, language and hearing; 9 credit hours in speech-language pathology disorders; and 6 credit hours in audiology.

1 course in biology (3 credits), 1 course in physical science (3 credits), 1 course in statistics, 1 course in math, 1 course in social sciences, and 1 course in psychology to meet ASHA's Standards.

A minimum of 3.0 GPA is required.

When submitting your application, please provide the following content in your statement of intent:

1. Briefly describe 3 scholarly and personal qualities that will make you a successful graduate student.

2. Briefly describe any relevant educational, professional or employment experiences that may help you become successful in the graduate program. Be specific as to the experience or opportunity and give an example of how the activity prepared you for graduate school. These experiences could include but are not limited to employment, academic coursework, volunteer experiences, shadowing professionals, study in other fields, research experiences or other degrees. 

3. Describe any specific academic achievements or experiences such as independent studies, or courses that have helped to develop your interests.

GRE scores
Code - Fredonia: 2539

Submission of a completed application, including all required documentation, to the Office of Graduate Studies byFebruary 1.

See this link for important information about the SLP application cycle.


Dr. Kim Tillery
Program Coordinator

Department of Communication Disorders & Sciences Website

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