Dominik Zimmer

Dominik Zimmer, 2024Environmental Sciences
Dominik Zimmer, an environmental science student in STEM holding a FRED sign

Perhaps it was the influence of Michigan, also known as the Great Lakes State, that sparked Dominik Zimmer's interest in hydrology. With Michigan bordering four of the five Great Lakes, water became a captivating subject for Zimmer, a transfer student from Kalamazoo. When he sought a university to complete his degree, he felt fortunate to discover Fredonia and its Geology & Environmental Sciences department, where he could explore his passions.

“My favorite class ecological hydrology, it's a relatively new field of study, so learning about it at an undergraduate level is incredibly exciting and it has a whole bunch of practical applications to our everyday life,” says Zimmer.

In addition to fieldwork, Zimmer spends considerable time in the lab analyzing samples to untangle the intricate dynamics of our water. "A significant portion of my work involves lab research," Zimmer explains. "I utilize the X-ray fluorescence spectrometer to assess the elemental composition of sediment samples from the reservoir, identifying elemental loading that impacts our drinking water."

The practical implications of this research provide invaluable preparation for a STEM career involving similar investigations.

Reflecting on his experiences, Zimmer expresses gratitude for the opportunities Fredonia provided him to engage in hands-on research with state-of-the-art equipment. "The opportunities I had to take part in this research and have hands-on experience with all the expensive, cool machines is something that I feel very lucky to have had at Fredonia."

Finding His Fit

Transitioning to Fredonia as a transfer student was a major decision, yet Zimmer found the process remarkably smooth. "I transferred to Fredonia, and the transition was seamless," he reflects. To assist other students seeking a fitting academic environment, Zimmer became involved with the Tau Sigma National Honor Society at Fredonia, eventually serving as its president.

This spring, Zimmer will graduate with a degree in Environmental Science, with a minor in Geographic Information Systems, equipped with a wealth of knowledge and practical experience gained during his time at Fredonia.


  • Tau Sigma National Honor Society
  • Transfer Student Organization
  • Club Hockey

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