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Geology & Environmental Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Geology & Environmental Sciences!

Our department includes programs focused on the Earth, its processes and the impact we have on the Earth system, including geology, environmental sciences, geochemistry, geographic information systems (GIS), environmental studies, climate and weather, and even the study of other planets. Our introductory and upper level courses cover a wide array of these exciting topics and encourage students to better understand the world around them.

Fredonia offers these degree programs in the Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences: B.S. Geology, B.S. Earth Sciences Adolescence Education, B.A. Earth Science, and minors in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Environmental Studies.

Geologists and Environmental Scientists are employed in a variety of settings, including environmental consulting, natural resource management, petroleum and base-metal exploration, civil engineering, information science, urban and regional planning, and other areas. Opportunities also exist in education and with government agencies. Opportunities for employment in the Earth Sciences has never been better, given current economic and environmental realities.

Join us... the more you know about Earth & understand its processes, the better equipped you are to save it. 

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