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Mads Goc

After receiving her undergraduate degree at Fredonia, Mads is now working towards her Master's degree. She is currently teaching 7th grade ELA in Syracuse, New...

Elizabeth Bryson

After Fredonia, Elizabeth obtained her master's degree. In her current role at Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, Elizabeth is dedicated to coordinating our outreach...


Hailey Guard

Hailey used her degree in film and video to create and edit sales videos, which have been a vital part of her riding and training...


Leah Kerns Webb

After graduating from Fredonia, Leah went on to complete her degree at Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

ScottĀ Hisel

Scott received a Bachelor of Science in Physics: Adolescence Education. He is now a high school physics teacher.


Sarah Chamberlain

Sarah graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, Theoretical Physics and Mathematics.


Tara Howard

Tara received her Bachelor of Science degrees in both Mathematics and Mathematics: Adolescence Education at Fredonia, completed her Ph.D. in Mathematics in May, 2018, and...


Leah Kleiman

Leah was involved in Pi Mu Epsilon, Teacher Education Club, and Chi Tau Omega while at Fredonia.