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Fredonia student Hunter Burczyk smiling wearing goggles

Hunter Burczyk

  • Biology

As a transfer student, meeting new people was intimidating at first. Everyone I've met so far has been incredibly supportive. Transferring to SUNY Fredonia has been an enriching experience that's helped me grow academically, professionally, and socially…

Fredonia student Ethan J Thompson

Ethan J Thompson

  • Music Education

It’s like a home away from home. It’s a safe environment to learn, hang out with friends, get work done, and prepare for my future.

Luca Vukelic, a master's student in music, smiling with a FRED pennant

Luca Vukelic on Grad School

  • Music Performance

Fredonia has opened doors for me in unexpected ways. I entered in 2018 with a love for music and teaching, but doubted my ability to be a performer as well. Now, as a graduate clarinet performance major, I have put on 4 successful recitals and am…

Fredonia student Caitlyn Hampe smiling and holding a FRED sign

Caitlyn Hampe

  • Early Childhood Education

My favorite spot is the cozy café area in the RAC center, with those plush chairs facing huge windows. There's something so uplifting about soaking in the daylight and natural views. The staff is always so welcoming, and the variety is amazing -- whether…

Morgan Brown smiling and holding a FRED sign

Morgan Brown

  • Music Education

Fredonia's campus is so welcoming that it's easy to get involved. Last semester, I attended my first activities night and joined the Fredonia Women's Rugby team - one of the best decisions I've ever made. I found my community, my family, right here at…

Rebekah Gerace, a student in the Photography BFA program, discusses why she enjoys getting involved with clubs

Rebekah Gerace

  • Photography

I've met a lot of people in clubs and organizations whom I wouldn't know otherwise. It's really cool to meet people who are so encouraging for you to try new things. You never know what opportunities you might bump into or who you might connect with.

Dominik Zimmer, an environmental science student in STEM holding a FRED sign

Dominik Zimmer

  • Environmental Sciences

My favorite class is ecological hydrology. It's a relatively new field of study, so learning about it at an undergraduate level is incredibly exciting and it has a whole bunch of practical applications to our everyday life.

Student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Hayley Mercer in their Fredonia hoodie

Hayley Mercer

  • Communication

Thanks to the amazing advisors and faculty here at Fredonia, students have hundreds of opportunities for internships and work opportunities directly after graduation. The staff here always have your future, and best interests at heart. I now have a clear…

School of Music student Megan Kidby holds up a FRED sign and smiles for the camera

Megan Kidby

  • Music Therapy

I love Fredonia because it has given me a family. The friends I have made here will be in my life forever.

Harmony Buchanan smiling and holding a Fredonia pennant

Harmony Buchanan

  • Psychology

I love the creativity, open-mindedness, diversity, and uniqueness here at Fredonia. It simply feels like my home away from home.

Kayla Makosiej

Kayla Makosiej

  • Early Childhood Education

One of my favorite things about Fredonia is that I have been in a classroom since my freshman year. So every year, at least one semester, I'm in a classroom getting hands on experience with students, doing lesson plans and working on reading and…

Sam Wagner

Sam Wagner

  • Business Administration

It was a perfect fit for me in terms of size and distance (I'm from north of Buffalo). I also love it because of all the friends and memories I made here.

Jules Hoepting

Jules Hoepting

  • Public Relations

The faculty is very dedicated to the students and the campus. Also, I think the campus is beautiful - the trees, the architecture (and the squirrels!) - and have found Fredonia to be the perfect distance from a cornucopia of locations.

Emma Christmann

Emma Christmann

  • Musical Theatre

I love Fredonia because it is a friendly, supportive community of students and staff that create a safe learning and living environment for all. There is always a friendly face or a helping hand whenever you need one!

Josh Velasco

Josh Velasco

  • Biochemistry

Fredonia has the small school advantage. Forming connections with professors and other students comes naturally. Also, the STEM programs are the best kept secrets out there.