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First Year Information

Welcome Class of 2027!

On behalf of the faculty, staff and students in the Department of Theatre and Dance, we'd like to welcome the incoming first year students to our Department and our programs in Theatre and Dance. We hope you will find our programs rigorous, challenging, and fun! We encourage to become as active as possible during your first year, and to develop the skills and mindset that will make your four years with us exciting, educational, and successful.

Your most important contacts during the summer months are our Department Chair, Dr. Rob Deemer, and our Department Secretary, Lisa Schrantz. Both are invaluable sources of information, and are more than happy to answer your questions.  While campus is a bit quieter and the pace is much slower during the summer than it is during the academic year, the Department Office is generally open from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday-Friday.  Should you have any questions, please contact Dr. Deemer or Lisa at 716-673-3596.

This page is designed to provide you with some initial information and to serve as a reference point to orient you with the Department before the semester begins. You will also be receiving an introductory email from the Department Chair in early August, so make sure your Fredonia email address is active and working!

To being with, here are some important dates to remember and mark in your calendar:

  • Monday, August 21 - First Day of Classes. If you are scheduled for dance classes, please come prepared to dance. If you have any questions about dance dress code, please contact Paula Peters at peters@fredonia.edu.
  • August 21 @ 6:00 PM - All-Department Meeting. All student majors and faculty are required to attend this first meeting of the department to kick off the fall semester
  • Tuesday-Friday, August 22-25 - Auditions for the 2023-2024 Walter Gloor Mainstage season. All of our auditions are open to all students enrolled at the University. Sign-up sheets for specific audition times will be posted on the Department's Central Callboard located outside the Department Office. This year’s season consists of the following shows: Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812, Mason Wright is Not a Mother, Edges, The Crucible, Abigail/1702, and The Fredonia Dance Ensemble.  All students are welcome to audition for all Theatre productions, but here's a breakdown of who is required to audition for specific productions:
    • BFA Acting and Musical Theatre - Musical Theatre and Acting students must audition for Mason Wright is Not a Mother, Crucible and Abigail. Musical Theatre students must also audition for Edges. Role acceptance is not required and all productions have content disclosure forms as part of the audition process. Natasha, Pierre, and The Great Comet of 1812 is already cast but may add additional swings.
    • BFA Dance - Students must audition for the Fredonia Dance Ensemble. There is nothing to prepare; just bring appropriate dance attire and shoes and be prepared to move. They are welcome to audition for the plays, as well, but this is not required.
    • BA Theatre - Students have the option to audition for all available productions, for individual shows, or for nothing at all.
    • BFA Technical Production and Design - Students are not required to audition for anything, but are welcome to do so.
  • Friday-Monday, August 25-28 - Directors meet, prepare and post final cast lists. All casting is subject to approval by the Department Chair, and all cast lists will be distributed via email.  Cast lists will also be posted on the Department's Central Callboard, located outside the Department Office (212 Rockefeller Arts Center).
  • Monday, August 28 - Shops open and training for First-Year students in the shops commences. Rehearsals may commence for the first show, and the Fredonia Dance Ensemble. It's on!

In addition to these dates, there are also some academic dates to consider. Students wishing to make changes to their class schedules should be aware of the following Dates and Deadlines for dropping and adding classes. If you need help with making adjustments to your schedule, please see the Department Chair for assistance.

You should also take some time to familiarize yourself with the College Catalog and the Student Handbook. The Student Handbook will help you get acquainted with the Department's policies and procedures, as well as your rights and responsibilities as a student major. Please remember that students are responsible for fulfilling graduation requirements and for staying in compliance with all Department and University policies. While there are many people here to help you along the way, they are not responsible for your failure to meet or complete your requirements. The 2023-2024 Student Handbook is posted on the Department website.

The College Catalog is your contract with the University and outlines the various policies and procedures that pertain to academics and student life at Fredonia. It also contains course descriptions and the current graduation requirements for each degree program.  The link above will take you to the Theatre and Dance section of the catalog. This is the official reference for all degree programs within the Department. To graduate, you must complete the requirements listed in the Catalog, and it is important to read and to understand these requirements, as well as the numerous policies and procedures set by the University.

Enjoy the rest of summer! We look forward to officially welcoming you to the Theatre & Dance family in August!

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