Theatre and Dance Scholarships & Awards

The Department of Theatre and Dance offers scholarships and awards to students who demonstrate outstanding academic or talent potential. At the end of each academic year these scholarships and awards are determined by the faculty and are made either as tuition remission or as cash awards. 


Scholarships & Awards by Program within The Department of Theatre & Dance 2020/2021

* Denotes scholarships devoted to or partially to, incoming first time full time students

BA Theatre Arts & Unrestricted by Major

  • Alice Bartlett Memorial Fund
  • Bea Ullman Scholarship Fund
  • Dept. Award for Excellence in Stage Management
  • Gaeddert Theatre Arts Endowment
  • Georgiana VonTornow Endowment
  • Gertrude Prushaw Maytum Scholarship for Theatre Arts *
  • Jack L. Cogdill Scholarship *
  • John S. Mintun Scholarship
  • Merrins Theatre and Dance Endowment Fund
  • Michael J. Loughlin Scholarship for Creative Uniqueness
  • Midtown Realty Endowment
  • Nelson, Delores J. Scholarship
  • New York State Federation of Home Bureaus, Inc. Scholarship in Honor of Sally Bulger
  • Paul F. and Mary Joyce Schaefer Endowment
  • President's Award for Excellence in Theater
  • Robert L. Gloor Endowment for Theatre and Dance
  • Robert Marvel Award
  • Theater Arts Outstanding Senior
  • Walter Gloor Scholarship Endowment  *

BFA Acting & BFA Musical Theatre

  • Bruce K. Walford Scholarship
  • Harry John Brown and Paul W. Mockovak Award in Performing Arts
  • Tim Douglas Jensen, class of 1990, Endowment *
  • Uprichard, Albert E. and Lillian Endowment *

BFA Dance

  • 1929 Graduates Fund Classical Ballet Award
  • Carnahan Jackson Dance Scholarship
  • James and Marcia Merrins Dance Award
  • Myers & Murphy Endowment for Dance
  • Trent M. Illig Memorial Scholarship

BFA Production & Design

  • Juergen Banse-Fay Scholarship
  • Keith Cronin Memorial Scholarship
  • Laurel Walford Costume Scholarship
  • Mary and Steve Rees Rising Junior

University Scholarships & Awards

In order to be considered for Fredonia scholarships, all First-time First-Year applicants must complete the admission application process (complete and submit either a SUNY Application or The Common Application).

  • President's Award of Excellence
  • Fredonia Scholar Award
  • Dean's Scholar Award
  • Fredonia Promise Award
  • Honors Program Scholarship
  • Keeper of the Dream Scholarship
  • President's Out of State Scholar Award
  • International Scholar Award
  • SUNY Empire State Diversity Honors Scholarship
  • Carnahan-Jackson Scholarship
  • Alumni Scholarships
  • Hispanic College Fund (HCF)

Other University scholarship opportunities are available as well. Please contact The Office of Student Affairs 716-673-3271


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