Frequently Asked Questions for Theatre and Dance

This page has answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about visiting the University and the Department, and auditioning or interviewing for our BFA programs.

Visiting the Department of Theatre and Dance at SUNY Fredonia

If you have any questions not answered on this page please email us at for more information.

▪ When is a good time to visit the college and the department?

The best time to visit Fredonia is when classes are in session, usually in the fall semester. There are a number of on campus events held by the Admissions Office throughout the fall. The Department participates in all Open House events with a Q&A session and a tour of the facility.

▪ Can I follow a student and attend classes?

Yes! Arrangements can be made for a student to shadow one of our majors to see what a typical day as a Theatre or Dance major might be like.

▪ Can I meet with and talk to faculty about the program?

Yes! Please contact the Department by phone at 716-673-3596 or by email at to schedule an appointment.

▪ What about visiting during the summer?

Though classes are not in session, it is possible to meet with the Department Chair and to tour our facilities during the summer.  Please contact the Department by phone at 716-673-3596 or by email at to schedule an appointment.

Audition and Interviewing

▪ Which programs require an audition or interview?

All of the BFA degree programs (Acting, Dance Musical Theatre, and Theatrical Production and Design) require an audition or interview. The BFA Theatrical Production and Design degree requires a portfolio review and an interview. The BFA Dance requires an audition. The BFA Musical Theatre and Acting require an audition and a short interview. The BA in Theatre Arts does not require an audition. Upon being admitted to Fredonia, any student may choose to major in Theatre and matriculate towards a BA degree. (More Info Here)

▪ Can I audition for more than one degree program?

Yes!  A student who auditions for the BFA in Musical Theatre is also simultaneously auditioning for the BFA in Acting, and may be offered a place in that program if their acting portion is good and their musical portion is weak. Students auditioning for the BFA in Musical Theatre may also be considered for the BFA in Dance if the dance portion of their audition is promising. Students who audition in the performance programs may also choose to submit a portfolio for the Theatrical Production and Design program.

▪ Can I minor or double major as a BFA student?

Yes, you may!  However, students should realize the amount of work involved as well as the difficulty of classes all lining up to allow graduation in four years. Students planning to do this should check the requirements of each degree program carefully to determine the feasibility of a double major. Because of the conservatory nature of the training, students must enroll in their theatre and dance classes first and then schedule other classes around their theatre and dance classes.

▪ Can I double major in two BFA programs?

Technically, yes you can, but it is not easy to accomplish. Students who choose to double major in two BFA programs should expect to spend at least one extra year at Fredonia. We do not allow students to double major in Acting and Musical Theatre. Students who are in the BFA Acting and wish to add a musical component to their degree should look into the BA in Applied Music within the School of Music.

▪ What is the pre-screening process?

The department has a pre-screening process handled through an audition web portal called Acceptd. The pre-screening portal usually opens by October 1 of each year. Pre-screening is used for the BFA Acting and BFA Musical Theatre programs. Directions on how to upload material are listed on the Acceptd web site. Students who pass the pre-screening process will be invited to schedule a live on-campus audition. (More Info Here)

▪ When are live auditions/interviews held?

Live auditions are usually held from January to March of each academic year on the Fredonia Campus.  However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all auditions/interviews for Fredonia's Bachelor of Fine Arts Programs (Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, and Theatrical Production and Design) will take place remotely AND all Audition/Interview Fees will be waived (with the exception of materials submitted through Acceptd) for the entirety of the 2020-2021 Academic Year. (More Info Here)

▪ Can I audition only by video submission?

Video auditions are only available to BFA Dance applicants. Please see our Application & Audition Process page at for more information. (More Info Here)

▪ I am an international student. Will you accept a video audition?

International students are welcome to submit an application through Acceptd for the BFA in Acting and Musical Theatre Programs. If we are interested in your initial audition, we will ask for additional material and will consider you through a video audition. If you are an international student interested in the BFA Dance program, please see our Application & Audition Process page at for more information. (More Info Here)

▪ What does an in-person audition for BFA Acting and Musical Theatre consist of?

For the BFA Acting program, the audition consists of two monologues, preferably different from the ones used in the pre-screening. Two members of the acting faculty will be present at the audition. One of the auditors will work with you on your auditions to see if you are directable, flexible, and trainable. There will be a short interview after the audition. The process takes about 20 minutes overall.

For the BFA Musical Theatre program, you will be required to sing two complete contrasting songs, two contrasting monologues, and you will attend a group dance audition. Students must demonstrate talent and trainability in all three areas to be considered for acceptance. The dance portion of the audition takes place from 11:15-12:15 PM, and the singing/acting portion will be either in the morning or the afternoon. There is also a musical skills test which is given during the singing/acting portion of the monologue. Representatives from both the Department of Theatre and Dance and the School of Music will be present. There is nothing to prepare for the dance portion, as all movement material will be given by the faculty auditors. Please wear dance-appropriate attire, bring ballet and jazz shoes (if you have them), and be prepared to work in bare feet. (More Info Here)

▪ I am interviewing for the Theatrical Production and Design program. What is my process?

Students who are interested in the BFA Theatrical Production and Design degree must prepare a portfolio (digital or otherwise) of their work. This portfolio can be almost anything, from a scanned collection of drawings and paintings, to sketch-up floor plans, to photos of set pieces you have built, to lighting plots, or any other type of 2- or 3-D work you’ve created.  Students should also prepare a resume and submit two letters of recommendations.  Portfolios will be reviewed by the Theatrical Production and Design faculty as part of the interview process.

We allow and accept interviews via Zoom Platform.  Faculty will make an appointment with you for this video interview. You may, if you wish, travel to Fredonia for an in-person interview on the dates listed.  As always, we encourage you to come to the campus, meet the faculty and students in person, and tour our facilities.  This is the best way to get to know our campus and make a decision. (More Info Here)

▪ I am interested in the BFA Dance program. What is my process?

Students interested in the BFA Dance program are encouraged to audition on campus, but may submit a video for their audition. There is no pre-screening process. Interested students may schedule an on-campus audition or request a video audition at (More Info Here)

▪ When and how do you accept students? How many do you usually accept a year?

Offers of admission to our programs are made as quickly as possible following each audition date. Students will be notified of their audition results via standard mail, so please make sure the contact information on your Audition Request Form is correct.  Each year, we look to bring in a total of 12-14 BFA Musical Theatre students, 6-8 BFA Acting students, 10-12 BFA Dance students, and about 12-14 BFA Theatrical Production and Design students.

▪ I am a transfer student. What is my process?

Transfer students are handled on a case-by-case basis. Students transferring to the BA program can generally graduate in four years. Transfers who are accepted to the BFA programs should expect to spend an extra 1-2 semesters at Fredonia. Transfers are placed either in the first year or second year sequence depending on their talent and an analysis of their academic record. There are two opportunities for transfer students to audition. One is held in November for students wishing to transfer into a spring semester. Students wishing to transfer into a fall semester may audition in any one of the slots available in January-March. Transfer students must submit their material through the Acceptd pre-screening process. Transfers are subject to the limitations of space within any given year. If the BFA programs are enrolled to capacity, there may not be an opportunity for a transfer to gain acceptance to a BFA program. 

▪ Are there scholarships available?

We do have scholarship money to offer our most talented auditionees. Scholarship awards can range from $500-3,000. There is no application process. Students are offered scholarships based on their talent as determined by the faculty through their audition. (More Info Here)

▪ What if I am not accepted into a BFA program? May I re-audition?

Students have two opportunities to attempt to gain entrance into a BFA program. If a student is not initially accepted into a BFA program, they may attend Fredonia as a BA student and choose to re-audition again. “In-house” auditions are usually held in early April. A student who does not pass a second audition may not audition again. Any student who has more than 60 credit hours may no longer audition for the program. Even if a student attends a different university, they may still choose to re-audition for Fredonia.

However, special conditions apply to those students who are attempting a second audition. In order to be admitted to a BFA degree program on a second try, there must be room within the program to accept that student. If a program is deemed full, a student may not gain acceptance due to lack of space within the program. Also, placement in the program is at the discretion of the faculty. Students may be placed either in the first year or second year of training based on recommendations, prior work, classes taken, or any combination thereof.

▪ Can I see my audition results?

Only students who enroll at the State University of New York at Fredonia may see their audition results. We do not release results to students who do not attend Fredonia.

▪ Who do I talk to for more information?

To ask more questions or speak with someone about the audition process, please call 716-673-3596. The Department Office is generally open from 8AM-4PM Mondays-Fridays. Or email us at

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