Scholarships & Awards

Department Scholarships and Awards

The Department of Theatre and Dance offers scholarships and awards to students who demonstate outstanding academic or talent potential. There are four major scholarships, including the Jack L. Cogdill Scholarship, which is awarded to the student who achieves the highest GPA in the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior class. The Walter L. Gloor Scholarship, The Gertrude Prushaw Maytum Scholarship, and The Georgiana von Tornow Endowment are awarded to either first-year majors with perceived academic or talent potential, or to continuing majors who have demonstrated those attributes regardless of degree concentration in the department. These scholarships may be renewable and are always awarded in the form of Tuition Remission for a semester or for the academic year. At the end of each academic year, the Department takes special notice of achievement by its majors when it presents awards in specific areas of expertise. These awards are determined by the faculty and are made either as Tuition Remission or as cash awards. They include:

  • The Alice Bartlett Award for Excellence in TheatreAward
  • The Keith Cronin Memorial Award (junior) for Technical Production/Design Excellence
  • The Gary Eckhart Award for Outstanding Achievement in Technical Theatre
  • The Trent M. Illig Memorial Award for Dance
  • The Howard E. Marsh Award for Outstanding Contribution to Musical Theatre
  • The Robert W. Marvel Scholarship for Outstanding Contribution and Promise (every three years)
  • The John S. Mintun Scholarship for Excellence in Performance Award
  • The 1929 Graduate Ballet Fund for Excellence in Dance
  • The Outstanding Theatre Arts Senior
  • Performing Arts Company Cap and Gown Award
  • The President's Award for Excellence in Theatre
  • Mary and Steve Rees Rising Junior Award for Technical Production
  • Bea Ullman Award For Excellence in Theatre Art

Other University scholarship opportunities are available as well. Please contact The Office of Student Affairs (716) 673-3271


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