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Social media best practices

Have a strategy:  decide how your social media content will advance your goals. Decide which platforms will best serve those goals.

Set up an account:  if your department does not have an account set up yet, contact the Office of Marketing and Communications for assistance establishing an account on the appropriate platform.

Designate: Assign someone who will manage the accounts day-to-day. Have a succession plan to cover graduation, employment changes, etc.  Choose trusted members of your team to serve as the main managers for the account and serve as trusted content developers.

Think before you post: Negative, offensive or embarrassing posts can put the entire institution into a bad light and reflect poorly on you and on your group for years to come. Posts and comments can be saved and shared through screenshots. Even if you delete a post, it could still be picked up by search engines and archival systems well into the future. 

Strive for unique content: Posting original content relevant to your area whenever possible.

Post frequently: Create a schedule of content you want to post. Regular, consistent content is key in developing a following.

Proofread and double-check posts: Reread your message before posting. Check for typos and inaccuracies, and the sources of news stories before sharing,

Engage: Respond to comments and questions in a timely, respectful and authentic manner.

Respect confidentiality: Never post confidential information about students, alumni or employees. If in doubt, contact the Office of Marketing and Communications with your questions.

Negative/concerning comments: Do not immediately respond to negative or inaccurate comments without first considering your response. Occasionally, the best response is no response. Negative comments that don't violate our social media policy should be ignored. You may want to provide facts to respond to inaccurate information to avoid having confusing or wrong information shared. Do not delete comments unless they are in violation of Fredonia’s social media policy. If you are unsure how to handle a negative comment, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.