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The following forms are in PDF format and can be downloaded and printed for your convenience.

Direct Deposit Form

Direct Deposit Instructions


Frequently Asked Questions about Direct Deposit

1. Who is eligible to participate?

A. The program is available to New York State employees, faculty and staff, and students.

2. How do I join?

A. Obtain an enrollment form from your Payroll Office.

 The form should be returned to your Payroll Office. Your enrollment will require approximately one to two pay periods to become effective.

3. How will I know when and if my paycheck has been deposited?

A. On payday you will receive a Statement of Salary and Deductions. The net amount indicated on the Statement is the amount which has been credited to your account at the financial institution you have selected.

4. Are all financial institutions participants in DDP?

A. No. In order to participate in DDP the institution must be capable of receiving transactions through the Automated Clearing House Systems. Most financial institutions have this capability.

5. Do all banks and credit unions process direct deposit so that funds are available on payday?

A. Yes. All financial institutions participating in the Direct Deposit program are required to have the funds available at the opening of business of payday.

6. Can my account be a joint account?

A. Yes. However, the joint account holder must also sign the Enrollment Form.

7. Can I have my pay directed to several banks or to more than one account through DDP?

A. Yes. You can have multiple accounts active for direct deposit distribution.

8. What happens if I change my account from one bank to another?

A. Simply submit a new completed Enrollment Form to your Payroll Office to establish the new account. The change will require a minimum of two pay periods. You should keep both accounts open until the new account begins to receive your salary.

9. If I wish to discontinue Direct Deposit, how do I cancel and how long will it take?

A. You must submit a new Enrollment Form to your Payroll Office to cancel Direct Deposit. You should receive a salary check within two pay periods.

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