Payroll Services

The primary goal of the Payroll Services Office is to produce accurate and timely payment of salaries and wages to all faculty, staff and students who are considered New York State Employees. Salaries and wages also include payments in the form of overtime, inconvenience and holiday pay, stipends, fees, extra service and summer session. The role of the Payroll Office actually begins prior to hire, continues in a variety of ways throughout employment and often continues even after separation from payroll due to resignation, retirement, graduation, etc.

In addition to the biweekly preparations of Faculty, Staff, Temp Service/Student Assistant and College Work Study payrolls, the Payroll Services Office provides the following services for employees:

  • Assistance with the completion of employment forms such as tax withholding forms, payroll deduction, direct deposit and employment eligibility.
  • Completion of employment verification requests, unemployment insurance and loan requests.
  • Advisement of payroll procedures and schedules.
  • Assistance with salary calculations and verifications.
  • Student Employment Referral Service.

Recipient NYS Comptrollers Distinguished Service Award

Time & Attendance System (TAS) Training Materials: