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Payroll Services

Our Payroll staff is dedicated to providing quality customer service for all payroll functions. These services include issuing timely and accurate payments to all State employees of SUNY Fredonia including faculty, staff, graduate assistants, student assistants and college work study employees.  We ensure that all services follow Federal, State and Civil Service Regulations, Bargaining Unit Agreements, SUNY Policies of the Board of Trustees, and SUNY Fredonia Policies.

Responsibilities include:

  • All payroll transactions including tax withholding, direct deposit, overtime and overtime meals, stipends, extra service, salary increases, payroll deductions, as well as auditing the employment transaction file from Human Resources
  • All time and attendance functions for all bargaining units
  • All Student Assistant and College Work Study employment and payroll functions

Time & Attendance System (TAS) Training Materials:

  • Follow the link
  •    (Internet Explorer and Firefox work best.  Do not use Chrome)
  • Use your eServices ID and the password you use to log on to your computer each day
  • Click on the “Human Resources” folder
  • Click on the “Employee Profile with Emergency Contacts Report”
  • Each person will be looking at his/her own data only
  • The SUNY ID and NYS ID are in the upper right corner of the report (NYS ID is also on your pay stub)

Time and Attendance (TAS)   - available for those converted to this on-line system     

  • Complete your monthly time record for any sick time used (if non-faculty also record any vacation   time used)
  • TAS will be available to you after your hire/rehire transaction is processed and we manually load      your TAS info

View Paycheck           

  • Birthdate required for extra authentication
  • View paychecks for the last 3 years
  • View paycheck detail showing Earnings, Deductions, Direct Deposit Distribution, Tax Data, and Taxes paid

SUNY HR Self Service

  • Birthdate required for extra authentication
  • Personal Information form to update Name, Address, Emergency Contact, Education
  • Follow the link
  • First time signing in will require your SUNY ID and date of birth to authenticate your user information
  • Choose Fredonia from the Campus drop down list
  • User ID and password are what you use to log onto your computer each day
  • Bookmark or add this link to your favorites

Available 24 hours/7 days per week for all employees current/active on payroll

  • NYS ID required for first log-in.  Find this in right corner when you sign into SUNY portal or from your pay stub
  • Opt out of receiving a paper pay statement/direct deposit stub (Stop the Stubs!!)
  • View and print your pay statement
  • Change your tax withholdings (yes, directly by you to your paycheck!)
  • View and print current and prior year W-2s
  • Update your email address
  • Sign into the SUNY Self Service Portal (see instructions above)
  • NYS ID number (N#) required for first log-in.  Find this in right corner when you sign into SUNY portal or from your pay stub.   This will be needed to verify your identity in NYS Payroll Online
  • Click on the “NYS Payroll Online” icon, located in Self Service box
  • Complete and submit the initial verification process with the last 4 digits of your SSN and your NYS Employee ID number (N# from the HR Home screen or on your paystub).
  • Click “FINISH” to continue to the NYS Payroll Online Home Page
  • A detailed NYS Payroll Online Self Service Guide can be found here