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Time and Attendance Training

Time & Attendance System (TAS) Training Materials:

  • Follow the link (Internet Explorer and Firefox work best.  Do not use Chrome)
  • Use your eServices ID and the password you use to log on to your computer each day
  • Click on the “Human Resources” folder
  • Click on the “Employee Profile with Emergency Contacts Report”
  • Each person will be looking at his/her own data only
  • The SUNY ID and NYS ID are in the upper right corner of the report (NYS ID is also on your pay stub)

Time and Attendance (TAS) - available for those converted to this on-line system     

  • Complete your monthly or biweekly time record for any sick time used (if non-faculty also record any vacation time used)
  • TAS will be available to you after your hire/rehire transaction is processed and we manually load your TAS info

View Paycheck           

  • Birth date required for extra authentication
  • View paychecks for the last 3 years
  • View paycheck detail showing Earnings, Deductions, Direct Deposit Distribution, Tax Data, and Taxes paid

SUNY HR Self Service

  • Birth date required for extra authentication
  • Personal Information form to update Name, Address, Emergency Contact, Education
  • Follow the link
  • First time signing in will require your SUNY ID and date of birth to authenticate your user information
  • Choose Fredonia from the Campus drop down list
  • User ID and password are what you use to log onto your computer each day
  • Bookmark or add this link to your favorites

Available 24 hours/7 days per week for all employees current/active on payroll

  • NYS ID required for first log-in.  Find this in right corner when you sign into SUNY portal or from your pay stub
  • Opt out of receiving a paper pay statement/direct deposit stub (Stop the Stubs!!)
  • View and print your pay statement
  • Change your tax withholdings (yes, directly by you to your paycheck!)
  • View and print current and prior year W-2s
  • Update your email address
  • Sign into the SUNY Self Service Portal (see instructions above)
  • NYS ID number (N#) required for first log-in.  Find this in right corner when you sign into SUNY portal or from your pay stub.   This will be needed to verify your identity in NYS Payroll Online
  • Click on the “NYS Payroll Online” icon, located in Self Service box
  • Complete and submit the initial verification process with the last 4 digits of your SSN and your NYS Employee ID number (N# from the HR Home screen or on your paystub).
  • Click “FINISH” to continue to the NYS Payroll Online Home Page
  • A detailed NYS Payroll Online Self Service Guide can be found here